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at Tannhausen / Germany

20th June 2008


pictures copyright@ Sladefans on tour

and Monika Kahle & Ilpo Bister

After very nice holiday at Moni`s homeplace at Oberlausitz and by friends of us at Sebnitz we went to Tannhausen on the 19.6.08.

It was a long travel but we was so happy to see SLADE soon again ! :-))























This was our boarding house by family Körner at Tannhausen.

Very nice place and friendly people.On the first evening we had time for go to dinner and it was very funny. It was still very warm and so we enjoyed to sit outside.

Very quick we came in contact with some people there and they could`nt believe, that there come people from Finland for to see SLADE at Tannhausen :-)), so smal village.








































The cars at this region are registered with "DON" mark !!!

Or they have done it special for DON ?????? :-))))

On the next day we went in the fornoon already for take a look of the event place.Later, in the afternoon we went again for watching and listening

the soundcheck of SLADE ! It was so great to see Don and Dave again !

Both was already at the soundcheck in chuch a good mood, really funny :-)

So they found also time for take some pics with us together.

























The meeting with the SLADE Fans on tour was really nice and we had much fun together.

It was time for SLADE !

They was in a brillant mood - so as always ! :-)

The audience was enthusiastic, but it was pitty, that in the audience wasn`t so much people. It was also footballtime and Germany played.

But the mood was fantastic and Dave was so brillant, unbelievable.!


THANKS very much to Martin Kitz :-))
In this report they mentioned also the SLADE fanclub and that the
fans was comming from Weimar, Möchengladbach and Helsinki to Tannhausen
 :-)) They was writing about sparkler, which we used by "My Oh My"
and about the X-mas caps !!!
( B.t.w., there was also with us together fans from Böblingen and Hannover )


Time was running so quick and the show was over again.

But the next day we will see SLADE again at Bad Urach. 

We went backstage and now you can get some very nice impression, about our meeting with the band !