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Slade Stadium Dublin 1973


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Danny Devlin from ALMOST SLAYED and to  Liam Quigley

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Slade II at Robin II 28.11.2006 - My Oh My back at the roots

Express and Star 29.11.

2006, review by Andy Rea


Even without Noddy Holder Slade`s latest incarnation raised the roof in Bilston for their 40th anniversary homecoming concert - and what a show-stopper it was.

Flamboyant guitarist Dave Hill seemed to enjoy his performance more than ever as more than 500 people who had packed into Bilston`s Robin 2 club sang, danced and cheered him on last night.


Together with original drummer Don Powell, substitute singer Mal McNulty and John Berry on base, the band belted out their classic hits, some of which are still among the most instantly recognisable tunes around.

The ever-popular 70s band, which has enjoyed six number ones and six hit albums over the past four decades, is still pulling in the crowds throughout Britain.
But being back in the Black Country and where they used to rehearse years ago when it was a house was an extra special occasion.
Shaun Burton, Robin 2 duty manager, said it was a fantastic atmosphere and everybody loved having Slade back...

K.O.R. - Ilpo



Following message arrive from Rod Fox and Wendy Evans, Hereford, England




Don and Wendy


"We have just returned from Slade gig at Don's home town of Bilston, England - at the Robin 2. The gig was great - please find attached photos which you might want to use on your website.
While we were there, there were some posters to say that there will be another Sladefest next year - 8th April 2007 at the Robin2 Bilston - the same as the 40th Sladesfest 2006. Do you know any more about this? Hopefully, their website will show more info . Please check out
Best wishes to Martin Kitz, Rudolf Schubert, Uwe Friedrich and Volker Rosenau who joined us from Germany for Sladefest 2006. Lets hope we can all meet up again at Sladefest 2007.
Keep on Rockin'
Rod Fox and Wendy Evans, Hereford, England
"Just to let you know that Dave Jewell uploaded some Slade photos from the  recent gig at the Robin,
November 28th. His good friend Phil Heath sent him the photos.

Here's the link:-

You will also see on the same page, some photos taken at Lincoln Castle,  August 2006, taken by another good friend, Jill Ashmore.

All the best & KOR


Newcastle on the 19th November 2006




Report from Fiorella


"As I am a new Slade fan - since the begin of this year, I never saw them live. I decided to go to see them in Newcastle on the 19th November 2006 because there was a direct flight from Geneva. Thanks to some fans, I had the opportunity to meet the band's musicians (thanks you everyone :)). I'm adisabled person and very short, that's why it wasn't easy to find the right place to see the show. At the last time I've got a front row seat (originally I had a seat in the row Q), but I immediately understood that wouldn't be possible for me to see the stage, cause of all the fans who came there, so, I moved to the back of the Journal Tyne Theatre, where I had a great view, even if it was a little bit far.

The only regret I have about to see Slade, that was too short (an hour) lol. But except that, I really enjoyed to finally see them live. They are fabulous and I'm amazed by their energy. Have to admit that Mal is a great singer - I never saw Noddy (what I regret), but I think Mal has a similar voice. Ready to be back again the next year somewhere in the UK, maybe in Switzerland if they come here again, in an accessible place for me.

A little message for Slade. Thank you guys, you were all very lovely to
accept to come to say hello to me, to have pictures taken with me and share few minutes to talk. You all made this evening very special to me. A very special thanks to Don particularly, because it's thanks to you I've got a great time at Newcastle. :) See you all somewhere else the next year !!"
Thanks so much to Fiorella.


15th/16th April 2006 

Dear All Sladeheads,

Just a reminder and an update of the Copnvention Details Easter w/end April,England

A gathering of Slade fans in the TRUMPET PUB [Slade`s Local] music and singing to and of Slade.


There will be Poetry readings about Slade,
TWO sets by Flamin Slade [Uk`s Top Slade Tribute Act]
ONE SET FULL HITS /GLAM package IN THE EVENING plus support band.
Quiz`s, Rare Videos and best of all a display of Slade related items.
These will include REPLICA
Slade items such as the SuperyobGuitar [signed by Dave Hill] Mirrored hat, Dad`s Gibson,Ebo1 Gibson Guitar and best of all a ..................

Tickets are very reasonable and the venue is good with bars and restaurants etc.
For those travelling there is much reasonable priced accomodation locally and easy access via Birmingham Airport only a few miles away.

This gathering of Slade fans, is organised BY Slade fans FOR Slade fans and is probably going to be the last BIG one
It is the 40 year anniversary of the boys getting together this year and it may not happen this good again.

see for details and tickets


pictures copyright@ German Sladefans on tour !!






SLADE Gig report - NORWICH - UK

12th December 2004 


T Rextasy were mustard. There show and performance was the best
I have seen on the Xmas Tour. Slade sounded brilliant but I was a
bit disappointed that they didn't even do a hour on stage to there
normal hour and a quarter approx. Plus there was no toilet rolls
thrown to the crowd to Mama so it wasn't that crazee as normal. I
will be seeing them this Thursday in my home town of Lowestoft, I
hope they party as I have seen them do in past many times, plus I
preferred it when Dave wore his glam outfits rather than the one he
seems to wear now. I don't normally complain but there's a first
time for everything.




SLADE Gig report - LOWESTOFT 16. December 2004


I saw Slade in my home town of Lowestoft last night and although
I still believe changes need to happen as in my post earlier I
really enjoyed myself. A 750 all seater sold out weeks ago. The
crowd enjoyed it and where up singing and dancing including myself.
I was down the front next to the speakers and my ears are still
buzzing, I enjoy the Slade experience and sound. I got another Don
Powell drumstick, He is one heavy weight drummer in my opinion and
the over all sound of Slade is fantastic. I enjoyed it more than the
Norwich gig on the Sunday before as Slade performed better I felt
and looked like they where enjoying themselves. I hope they come to
Lowestoft again but with one or two changes to there set and show.
I will criticise my all time favourite band but I will also praise
them. Thanks for the memory and Merry Christmas Everybody. Lets look
forward to 2005 with Slade.







Slade At The Fairfield Halls - Croydon

Friday 17th Dec 2004
by Bill & Lars O !


The Get-Together at Pals

This gig is hopefully the start of a regular SLADE annual "get-together" and it wasn’t a disappointment as the response was very good. We arrived at Pal’s pub just after 4:00 PM. We had a private corner just for us. Some came later on and some left for Fairfield earlier etc. But totally, I guess we were 25-30 fans. But the main group were Bill, David, Gordon, Lars, John, Ilpo, Nigel, Ric and a few other fans. Sorry, don’t have all the names… … Even 4 to 5 glam-rock girls joined us!

Feel free an read the whole report under following link:





Slade at Fairfield Hall Croydon

 19th December 2003
Merry xmas everybody tour 2003


read the report here:


Slade at Woodville Halls, Gravesend 28th November 2003
Merry xmas everybody tour 2003

read the report here:


Gig report "Blackheath Halls London" 13th Dec 2002
report kindy supplied by Bill Bagnall, pictures kindy supplied by Rhyane Standing

read the report here:



London 1975 [no label, 1CD]
Live at New Victoria Theatre, London UK, April 24, 1975.

By 1975, Slade’s star was definitely beginning to tarnish. Four years had passed since their initial breakthrough, in an age when four years was a virtual eternity, and they no longer hit #1 like they used to. But it would be churlish to say they’d lost it completely. Their 14th straight hit single, "How Does It Feel," had just spun off their movie debut, Slade In Flame; their 15th, "Thanks For The Memory," was poised for release. And the roar that accompanies their arrival on stage, to power through a dynamite "Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing," proves that the faithful had never lost their devotion.

The sound quality here is stupendous, as full and meaty as the band (and their repertoire) deserve. Arguably, Slade fans have been treated dreadfully by their heroes. There are just two official live albums, and neither catches the band at the peak of both their powers and their popularity. This set, too, is at least 18 months too late to truly recreate the magic, but - as they pound through "The Banging Man," "Gudbuy T’Jane," "Far Far Away," "Everyday," "Mama Weer All Crazee Now," and a well-chosen clutch of recent album cuts - you can still feel the glitter flying, the satin flapping and the electricity arcing from stage to stalls. And, though there’s a lot of hits that were left unplayed, memories of Slade as perhaps the primo live band of the first half of the 1970s come hurtling relentlessly back. - Dave Thompson

 for more reviews by Dave Thompson.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality, stereo MP3s - sample rate of 192 kibit/s). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released.

Track 01 Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing (6.8MB)
Track 02

The Bangin' Man (6.9MB)

Track 03 Gudbuy T'Jane (6.3MB)
Track 04 Far Far Away (6.9MB)
Track 05 Thanks For The Memory (6.5MB)
Track 06 How Does It Feel? (7.3MB)
Track 07 Just Want A Little Bit (10.3MB)
Track 08 Everyday (6.7MB)
Track 09 OK Yesterday Was Yesterday (6.6MB)
Track 10 Raining In My Champagne (8.8MB)
Track 11 Let The Good Times Roll (9.6MB)
Track 12

Mama Weer All Crazee Now (5.8MB)

SLADE played at ROMSEY 16th August 2003

pictures@ Ilpo Bister, Helsinki