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Slyde are a 4 piece Slade Tribute band from Bucks who pay homage to the mighty British institution that is Slade, and faithfully replicate the bawdy singalong tunes, the glam and glitter excess, and the raw rock ‘n’ roll power that was the black country legend’s calling card during their 70′s heyday!

With Slyde frontman Nobby Boulder’s uncanny visual and vocal resemblance to the original tartan trousered Glam Rock God, Slyde will take over 3 decades off the clock for you, back to a time when British Glam Rock was setting the standard worldwide for genuine good time party rock ‘n roll.

Slyde, based in Buckinghamshire, originally formed in August 2001 and have consistently proved themselves to be the UK’s ultimate Slade tribute band.


Nobby Boulder

The little fella with the massive voice, Nobby bears an uncanny visual resemblance to the original tartan trousered frontman and once he dons his famous mirrored top hat, the transformation is complete. However, it’s when he starts singing that audiences are transported back to golden era of glam rock that was Slade’s original heyday. Perhaps Don Powell put it best – on hearing the mighty Nobby Boulder in full flow he said “There’s only one other person who sounds like that”.

As Nobby has usually driven the Slyde tour bus to the venue, he likes nothing more than a nice cup of tea before a gig. So remember, if you see him at the soundcheck, it’s one sugar and not too much milk please.

Dave’s Thrilled

Dave’s just thrilled to be here and this is evident from the silly grin he usually sports below his trademark fringe. Dressed all in silver and wielding an accurate replica of the original ‘Super Yob’ guitar, a wall of authentic 70′s sound pours forth from behind him, whilst his extraordinary platform boots will have you marvelling at how he’s managed to survive so many performances without a broken ankle.

Dave’s also your man if you need any advice about what’s on the menu. Time after time, his food recommendations consistently delight the other band members and he can always tell his Doner from his Shish.

Paul Lea

The man who underpins the melodies with his rock solid and creative bass lines, Paul Lea certainly knows how to set up the kind of rhythms that have audiences heading for the dance floor. He can sing a bit too, play the piano, guitar and the drums – in fact it’s safe to say if he wasn’t such a good bloke, we’d all hate him. The least likely to be recognised before a gig, once he dons his trademark wavy wig, the transformation to first rate glam performer is truly astonishing.

He’ll often lead the crowd in a good old sing along when he really should be playing a bass solo and if you want to show your gratitude, please don’t offer him anything parsnip flavoured. He’s scared of parsnips.

Dozy Powell

Dozy’s drumming career is as varied and unusual as his range of stage outfits. Starting back in the 1920′s when he was merely a teenager, Dozy has drummed with them all, covering everything from Jazz to Skiffle and Rock to Pop. This level of experience shines through in his consistent performances behind the kit and although we often have to remind him to use the toilet before going on stage, he can always be relied upon to deliver the massive foot stomping sound we all know and love.

Although he assures us he’s just being professional, he loves to spend hours before a performance applying various shades of eyeshadow until his face glitters just perfectly. Having made all of this effort, he will always delight his fans after each gig by mingling amongst them in full costume, handing out signed photos to everyone who wants one. And also to everyone who doesn’t want one.