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directed by Richard Loncraine

UK 1975




 Thursday 17th January  2008 at 8.30pm,

'Slade InFlame' -

widely regarded as one of the finest pop or rock films ever made
- will be shown on BBC Four as part of a two week season of feature films,
archive programmes and new documentaries under the umbrella title "POP!


for a full rundown of what's on offer.



The rock’n’roll movie Flame first hit the cinemas in 1975 and although more then 30 years have passed, it still holds up. The plot is intriguing, the cast well chosen and the music great.

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The movie centres itself around the Wolverhampton-based rock group Slade, who in the early 1970’s was the best selling British act since the Beatles. In the film they don’t play themselves though, but a working-class band called Flame.



Erik has  uploaded some pics from Flame
and also Lise has uploaded screenshots from Flame to her homepage at:
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Noddy Holder erhält den Mojo Magazin Award für die DVD Slade In Flame



On Monday 18th June Flame won the Mojo Vision Award held at The Brewery in
London, the award was presented to Noddy Holder by Glen Matlock of The Sex


Slade in Flame beat T.Rex on TV to scoop this award and that's no mean feat.

The MOJO Vision Award
To the film/DVD project that has taken MOJO music values into the celluloid
or small screen arena with utter artistic success.

And Noddy Holder has now been re-instated to the Walk of Stars
A bug which allowed multiple votes from the same computer has now been

THANKS a lot for this message to Gary Jordan




Musiklandet (Sweden), Lennart Wrigholm 01.05.2007
"Slade: Slade In Flame

Varför I Helsike Missade Jag Den Här?

Den enda spelfilm gruppen Slade medverkade i var denna. Slade In Flame hade premiär hösten 1974 och jag såg den aldrig.
Personligen tror jag inte ens jag var i närheten av en biograf som visade den. Slade var aldrig så stora i Sverige att deras bolag satsade på en storpremiär av rullen i Skandinavien.

Säkerligen ett korrekt beslut. Jag var allmän rockfan men skulle definitivt då aldrig ens brytt mej om en Slade-konsert (eller film) om jag så fått biljetten gratis. Jag tyckte de gjorde hyfsade singelplattor, men i övrigt brydde jag mej inte.


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Interview with Don regarding Flame 


Monday Lise Lyng Falkenberg did an interview with Don regarding Flame.

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Creative Vibes review of Salde In Flame dvd

Stated simply, in the first half of the 1970`s Slade were a sensation in their native Britain, scoring seventeen top twenty hits, including six number ones. Along the way, the band built a huge and loyal following, who loved the footstomping, unpretentious anthems pumped out at high volume, initially in clubs and eventually in concert halls the length and breadth of the nation.

Originally formed in 1966 as The N`Betweens, by 1968 the band had changed their name to AMBROSE SLADE and signed to Fontana Records. The following year the quartet (Dave Hill - guitar, vocals; Neville `Noddy` Holder - lead vocals, guitar; Jim Lea - bass, keyboards, violin, vocals; Don Powell - drums) hooked up with Chas Chandler, former bass player with The Animals and ex manager and producer of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. At Chandler`s suggestion, the group abbreviated their name and began honing their sound, style and image.

In 1971, after a brief spell as a "skinhead" band, Slade began to hit their stride, scoring their first UK top twenty hit with `Get Down And Get With It`, and ending the year on a high note with `Coz I Luv You`, their first number one.

1972 was a fabulous year for the group, with the release of the `Slade Alive` and `Slayed` albums bookending the year, four top five singles sandwiched between them (`Take Me Bak `Ome` and `Mama Weer All Crazee Now` both reached number one).

Slade had still not peaked, and 1973 bore witness to the band entering the singles chart at number one on three separate occasions, `Cum On Feel The Noize`, `Skweeze Me Pleeze Me` and `Merry Xmas Everybody` all ascending to the pinnacle. The band`s first compilation album `Sladest` was also issued to huge commercial success, and a sellout tour culminated in a triumphant performance at London`s Earls Court in front of 17,000 delirious fans.

By now, Slade had surpassed the likes of T.Rex, David Bowie, Roxy Music and The Sweet in terms of popularity, and were now Britain`s pre-eminent Glam Rock band. Two more top three singles (`Everyday` and `The Bangin` Man`) and another hit album (`Old, New, Borrowed And Blue`)continued maintained the rich vein, before Slade departed for the U.S.A. in a bid to crack the world`s toughest market. They were accompanied on the trip by a scriptwriter who returned to Britain after two weeks, to begin work on the band`s first and only movie.

When it opened, SLADE IN FLAME was critically well received, although it puzzled its core audience, who were expecting fun-packed slapstick entertainment. Watching the movie now it has held up incredibly well, eschewing Slade`s jolly image in favour of an expose` of a working band, its darkness illustrating the underbelly of a music business populated by sharks, bullies and ten-percenters.

The soundtrack album yielded two singles, `Far, Far Away` and `How Does It Feel` (the movie`s theme tune), the latter being their first 45 in over three and a half years to fail to reach the UK top ten. Despite it`s relative failure, the song has become a big cult favourite with all manner of individuals, Noel Gallagher citing it as his favourite Slade number(high praise, considering Oasis have covered two Slade numbers and this isn`t one of them !).

By 1976 the commercial bubble had burst, and Slade were never to achieve the level of success they attained in the first half of that most glittering of decades, but they had left their mark and FLAME is a fascinating snapshot of a glorious era (it is actually set in the Sixties).

SLADE - Slade In Flame (DVD) is available through Union Square, and distributed by Creative Vibes

K.O.R. - Ilpo



SLADE in flame


reviews by musicmagazine

"Mojo" May 2007

and promotion for SLADE in Flame

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musicmagazine "Record collector"




MOJO music magazine May 2007







Saturday, April 28, 2007

So you say I've got a funny face...


Last night, I bought a special collector's edition of "Slade In Flame". I've never seen it before, but I understand that it is a bit of a classic - looking forward to watching it this weekend.



Dunno about you, but I find it nigh on impossible to separate Slade, the band, from "Slade in Residence" - Vic and Bob's inspired series of sketches from "The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer" in the 1990s.

In the sketches, the members of Slade lived in the same house in suburban Birmingham; Noddy Holder (Vic Reeves), Jim Lea (Paul Whitehouse) and Don Powell (Mark Williams) were the unruly, monster truck obsessed children being looked after by the ever-harassed matriarch (and true star of the piece), Dave Hill (Bob Mortimer). The Brummie accents were cranked up to 11 as the boys bickered amongst themselves and Dave threatened to send them to bed without their beloved Cup-a-Soups.

Their house was neighboured on one side by UB40 and, on the other, by Ozzy Osbourne (Neil Morrissey) and they invariably found themselves being visited by the likes of Wizzard's Roy Wood and Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon (both played by Charlie Higson) who was hilariously portrayed as a petulant Little Lord Fauntleroy!

"Slade in Residence" represents Vic and Bob's high point - after years of nonsense like "What's on the end of the stick, Vic" and "You wouldn't let it lie!", the duo had finally arrived.

Get down and get with it!!!!!