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Slade at Twin City Festival in Tornio, Finland 21.7.2012





    Finland`s YleQ radio station Saturday 22.07.2006:

- Slade: Cum Feel The Noize
- Slade: Look wot you dun
- Slade: a.k.a. the in betweens you better run
- Slade: Dapple rose
- Slade: Get down and get with it
- Slade: Coz I love you
- Slade: Mama weer all crazee now
- Slade: Darling be home soon
- Slade: Far far away
- Slade: Skweeze me pleeze me
- Slade: Run run away
- Slade: Radio Wall of Sound 



The songwriters of the week: Lea-Holder

 YleQ 15.06.2006 18:30-19:00 Tero Liete

The songwriters of the week: Lea-Holder

Finland's main radio rock station YleQ had chosen Lea-Holder pair as the songwriters of the week on Thursday 15th June 2006. Radio dj Tero Liete played first some Finnish cover version of the Lea-Holder classics:

Coz I Luv You
Look Wot You Dun - Täyttä Totta, Markku Aro
My Friend Stan - Ystävättäret, Muska
"Somehow making versions of Slade songs was always too difficult. Slade had something totally unique that no-one other could achieve."

"Now the real thing, Noddy Holder himself and art of music":

Mama Weer All Crazee Now
"Wild Slade cuddle"

"The real Slade hit:"

Run Runaway
Till the end still one Finnish humppa version of Cum On Feel the Noize:

"Mummo, mummo, mummooo..." - Humpalle Vaan, Eläkeläiset
"Noddy Holder and Slade's art of music still tomorrow on YleQ !"

"On Midsummer Saturday 24th June on YleQ whole hour of Slade boogie and history on Time for Classics !"

Stay tuned to YleQ ! ...and Keep On Rockin' !

Ilpo, Helsinki

YleQ, Finland, Saturday 05.02.2005 21:00 "Time for classics": "Move Over" - Slade
Guest P.K.Keränen from Pistepirkko 22

Once again a Slade song was chosen to give a good start for a radio show:
"Move Over - Slade. This hit you hard?"

PKK: "Yes, really hard. I remember, when I first heard it... We did play this a lot with open mouth - how can something sound this way! Then I became a hard Slade fan. I cut a Dave Hill haircut...

Then I managed to see them at Kuusrock 1982. Dave Hill looked quite legendary... Stage was full of London City amplifiers. When they started to play I started to laugh, oh this is absolutely sicking good. It was as good as I had imagined. It was one of those kind of moments, when you see something really good, it just makes you laughing... It was magnificient, it was good."

Other classics by Mud, Rod Steward, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Ramones, New York Dolls, Joan Jett, and more to come...

Ilpo, HKI


Don Powell interview in Uutisvuoksi newspaper August 2005


I never get tired of playing 
Slade drummer Don Powell loves playing and it keeps him on the move

Slade II played an excellant gig at Rock to the River festival in Eastern Finland near Russian border on Friday night 19th August 2005. Local newspaper Uutisvuoksi wrote a whole page review from the festival devoting half of it to the best (selling) British group in the 70`s.

Here`s some extracts from the article by kind permission of Uutisvuoksi. Sunday 21.08.2005 text and pics by Katja Puolakka/Uutisvuoksi

British group Slade who played at Rock to the River on Friday started gigging already on the latter half of the 60`s and they were the best selling group in Britain in the 70`s. The very first gig in Finland Slade made in the 70`s and since then the band has been gigging here on every decade.

According to Slade drummer Don Powell it`s hard to remember every gig and country, unless one will take a look on the passport.

- It`s still always nice to come to Finland, because people have bought our records and been supporting us through all these years. By coming to gigs here we can show our respect towards these people.

- Some people bring their children to see us. It`s actually fairly hard to realise, but it is very nice.

He is also glad that during the last years they have been able to play in Russia, where Slade didn`t have a chance to go in the 70`s.

- One day we were at Moscow Olympic stadium, where there were 80 000 people, and on the next day at an ordinary club gig. It was a strange but nice mixture, Powell remembers.

When Slade is playing at the festivals he wants to see as much as possible from the whole happening and also see other performers whenever it is possible.

- For instance it was nice to see today a girl drummer for once, who really hits hard, Powell describes the Indica drummer.

- Ilpo
 20th July 2004



Otto's (the singer of Finnish Tehosekoitin) comments about Slade and

Slayed? When I started to collect Slade records, they became my pattern for Tehosekoitin, while for the others it was Ramones. There is always something interesting in the verse, and so much choruses that never. Thousand feet and hands stomp and an enormous echo with the singing. I bought "Slayed?" from the East Centrum (Helsinki) and I played the song "Gudbuy Gudbuy" to my girlfriend with whom I broke my terms at the same time.
- Heroes of the Heroes (Soundi 2003), Noddy Holder and Orfeus: I have been since a kid interested in both rock music and mythology, so two very different kind of singers, Orfeus and (the vocalist of the group Slade) Noddy Holder may present some kind of ends of my idols…
Noddy Holder is quite different kind of singer. He is a real agitator, and he has got one of the greatest voice in the history of rock. Noddy is in no way a mystic figure and I'm sure that he has never thought any Orfeus kind of thoughts. He just has got impossible good voice and the Slade songs are absolutely magnificient.
I believe that Noddy Holder is a gentle superior by his character, that kind of cherful chap, who takes over audience as audience. Noddy is just such a fair musician that you need in rock business. He plays fine music and gives you experiences, but he is also a real mani-in-the-street, whod doesn't need any mysticism or analyzer of art in taking care of his own work. He is a feet-down-in-grounds person, who concentrates on the essential, that is the music.
- There are three all-time concerts. It was great to see Iggy Pop on stage at the Kulttis '93. Slade II played in Nummirock '94'. I didn't expect anything by them, since there wasn't at the least Noddy, only Dave Hill and that drummer. The show was incomprehensibly good, even though it was raining. Lots of covers and old Slade hits. There were hanging around all the punks, glamsters, the ordinary persons and even some skins.

you can see Otto here:
Tehosekoitin is one of Finland's most popular rock groups, but they are stopping now and have the last gig on the 1st August.

Dec 2004 "Slade - Hämmästyttävä rock´n´roll syndrooma" book

First Slade book in Finland was published by Pop-lehti in December 2004. The 212 page book "Slade - Amazing rock'n'roll syndrome" is written by J. Perttunen and K. Väistö.



"Slade on bändi, joka saavutti 70-luvulla jopa sellaisen suosion, että jotkut alkoivat puhua yhtyeestä uuden vuosikymmenen Beatlesina. Olihan ensin mainittu legenda hajonnut juuri vuosikymmenen vaihteessa ja media etsi kuumeisesti sille jatkajaa. 70-luvusta ja hurjasta Slade-maniasta puhuttaessa ei nimitys olisi voinut juuri Wolverhamptonin pikkukaupungin ylpeydelle sen osuvampi ollakaan!

Bändi parodioi erinomaisella huumorintajullaan kultavuosinaan glam-imagoa jopa siinä määrin, että se nykyäänkin kategorioidaan kyseisen tyylilajin alle. Se oli kuitenkin hyvinkin vakavasti otettava orkesteri. Ulkoinen habitus on vaihdellut vuosien saatossa useastikin mm. alkuaikojen hippimuodin, skinhead-imagon, jo mainittujen glam-vaikutteiden, perusjätkien ja gangsterityylisten asujen ym. välillä.

Yhtyeen musiikki tunnetaan ehkä pääasiallisesti todella rankasta bailaushenkisestä rockista. Oli se sitäkin, mutta ennen kaikkea nerokkaasti toteutettuja kappaleita, joita yhtyeen biisinteko-parivaljakko Jimmy Lea / Noddy Holder 70-luvulta lähtien väsäsivät. Vaikka 70-luvun alkupuoli ja myös osa 80-luvusta oli Sladen kulta-aikaa, he puursivat musiikin parissa todella tarmokkaasti jo hyvin aikaisin 60-luvulla.

Tässä kirjassa käydään läpi yhtyeen vaiherikas ura aivan alkujuurilta nykypäiviin. Kirjan liitteenä on bändin kattava diskografia!

Julk. 12/04, 212 s., nid."-Ilpo, Helsinki


Finnish YleQ broadcasted some great Xmas rock’n’roll programs in Finland on the Christmas Eve and Day with very good comments on the Slade’s ”Merry Xmas Everybody” classic, but on the Boxing Day the nation showed its darker, uncivilized side (”the most BBR of America influenced country” - Ilpo) in Sokkotreffit (Blind dates) program:
-26.12.2004  Sokkotreffit, Jake Nyman with Mauri Kummas, a well-known Finnish cartoon drawer:
”Merry Christmas Everybody”
JN: ”Well, well, a little bit of that kind of modern British Christmas tradition, old good Slade. At least at eight Christmas in the British charts. What does Kunnas think about this kind of Christmas atmosphere, not so very sensitive?”
MK: ”Eh, well no. I must acknowledge my darkness, THIS WAS LITTLE STRANGE SONG FOR ME. I used to listen to Neil Young (That explains a lot – Ilpo) at those days. It must be a classic, if it will get into the charts so persistently. It is pretty difficult to make a song that will become a Christmas classic.”

-Ilpo, Helsinki

Monday 11.04.2005 YleQ, Finland, Rockradio, Classic album of the week: Slayed?

"The Whole World`s Goin` Crazee"

"Huh, huh! Little under 30 years old Noddy Holder in the beginning of the 70`s. "The Whole World`s Goin` Crazee" from YleQ`s this week`s album "Slayed?"

The band was formed already in the mid 60`s, Ambrose Slade and before that as N`Betweens. The group got skinhead image at the end of 60`s. In 1972 the hair had grown back, but the skinheads were still fascinated by the football choruses and foot-stomping. But also others appreciated catching choruses and energetic playing."

"Gudbuy T`Jane"

- Ilpo

Sunday 21st December 2003 YleQ (Finland), "Testostereo", Kaide Järvinen

Kaide Järvinen: "At 6 o'clock Teppo Nättilä and Timo Norppa start 'Hunters for lost treasure'."
Teppo Nättilä: "Immediately in the beginning of the program explodes that greatest Christmas classic!"

Sunday 21st December 2003 YleQ (Finland), "Hunters for lost treasures"
Teppo Nättilä (TN) and Timo Norppa (NO)
"Merry Xmas Everybody"
TN: "We played that alltime greatest rock Christmas song."
NO: "Hah, hah! We can have a debate on this matter. It has been played somewhere, in England I think, so much that it was banned. I think that it was some airport."
TN: "Yes, an airport."
NO: "You can't play it anymore. But you can call us."
TN: "It was Slade and 'Merry Xmas Everybody' number one hit all over the world 30 years behind."
NO: "Oh, yes, it is still a good song. Slade is an underrated band. I have always thought that Slade is much better orchestra than for example Oasis."
TN: "Hah, hah, haa! I agree totally with you!
NO: "Because both are very typical British bands."
TH: "Oh, well yes, but in a little different ways."
NO: "Well, yes, hoh, hoh, hoo!"
TN: "Heh, heh! The other one is much worse, heh, heh, hee!"
NO: "Hah, hah, haa! Yes, there is that difference!"

TN: "Here is this Slade's collection. Look what a amount of hits the band has had!"
NO: "Yes, yes"
TN: "Number one, two et cetera hits"
NO: "I remember, when these were covered in Finnish at one time. Muska made Slade covers and… Oh, yes these are strong songs."
NO: "And I have recommended in my own programs collection records, if you want Slade for Xmas gift. Slade's collection is indeed still endurable pop rock."

TN: "Do you know, Norppa, what would be even more tasty great surprise? If only there would come such a 5 record set box!"
NO: "It would certainly be great, juicy. I have only remarked that you never have time to listen those boxes."
TN: "In Slade's case it's in a totally different way, hoh, hoh, hoo!"
NO: "Well, yes..."

THANKS to Ilpo


12.08.2004 RadioQ (Finland) "Under-Secretary of State" ("Alivaltiosihteeri") entertainment program

"Hangover medical science, Doctor Norbert Holder giving winks and recipes…"

Alivaltiosihteeri (Simo Frangen) is one of Finland's most popular radio and tv entertaining figures and also a rock group. During the last years he has been awarded both the most popular radio and tv personality. Alivaltiosihteeri has had its own radio entertainment program "Alivaltiosihteeri" already about 20 years and a tv quiz "Maailmanympäri" ("Around the world") for several years. Simo Frangen is quite a big Slade fan and has also written causerie types of comedy books. Here's an extract from the book "Se virallinen tarina" ("That official story") from "Gallup with the rats" chatty article:

"- Political scientist Pertti "Pepsi" Pseonen, what was Slade's assembly in the year 73?
- Well, it was of course Noddy Holder, Jimmy Lea, Dave Hill and Don Powell. As an interesting detail we can mention that Jimmy Lea played along with the bass also violin in a sovereign way.

At the next time our agent are the renovations of the Companies act and the Top Ten singles in the 70'ies by the Sweet group. Just Teenage Rampage till then NOW!"

Still some justice in the world!

YleQ 4.9.2004 8:00 "Rock'n'Roll Preacher (Hallelujah I'm On Fire)"
YleQ 4.9.2004 10:15 "Cum On Feel The Noize" - Oasis

A nice sunny autumn morning in Finland today, and some classic music in the air! It’s nice to see that at least every now and then on some radio stations in Finland the Lea-Holder classics get more airplay than those children’s and teenies’ bands from the seventies like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bay City Rollers, Beatles, T’Rex…

Saturday 4th September 2004 YleQ "Rock'n'Roll Preacher" with
bossanova and other softies!
8:00am “Kirjava Satama” (“Miscallenous harbour”), Kimmo Miettinen:

“…Slaaaadeee, Slade will perform their song

"Rock'n'Roll Preacher (Hallelujah I'm On Fire!)"

Once again a program was started with a Slade song to get a good start to the program. “Kirjava Satama” is a radio program, where they use to play very different kind of songs. This time after the strong beginning Miettinen played mostly soft style songs; bossanova, schlagers, soft versions of funk, punk & junk (Nirvana, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Mink DeVille,…).

Saturday 4th September 2004 YleQ "Cum On Feel The Noize" by Oasis
10:15am “Viikon vieras” (“Guest of the week”), Marko Gustafsson: Simo Frangen, Alivaltiosihteeri

"Cum On Feel The Noize" - Oasis

SF: “This gave an enormous feeling. I mean this was the music I like, and here was also combined the facts that in the seventies Slade hit me really hard, and especially the Slade from the “Slayed?” period, and after that my biggest favourites band in the nineties Oasis.

Oasis stole so much from Slade already for their own songs that they had to cover this magnificient song.”

MG: “Has this hit been played also there on the “Junkyard”?”
SF:”It might have played also there, not the Oasis version but the Slade version. I have listened to Slade through all these decades.”

MG: “Hhmm, the Gallagher brothers were not born yet then, were they?”
SF: “Oh, yes, they were born already then. They are not that young.”

Meister Simo Frangen, “Alivaltiosihteeri”, is one of Finland’s most popular radio and tv person, also a writer. He has had also a rock band called that Alivaltiosihteeri. He has been awarded both the radio and tv person of the year in Finland. On Friday 3rd September 2004 on Finland’s TV1 channel started his new tv series “SF-studio”, where “multi-Simo” has four roles: newsanchor, reporter, foreign correspondent and puzzle (?) dj.

Thanks to Ilpo


28.08.2004 RadioQ (Finland), Timo Norppa, radio program

Täyttä Totta" - Markku Aro ("Look Wot You Dun")

"…'Täyttä Totta' (absolutely true), and what was this all about, or have they made a lot of this kind of funny, humouristic doubleminded lyrics in the merry 70's. Because what is this 'yours and mine'? What is this all about?

'…'mine and yours, mine and yours', but maybe this kind of doubleminded lyrics are really was fine. So it was Vexi Salmi, who had written the text, P. Lasanen - Pentti Lasanen - had made the arrengements, and then Slade of course made that original 'Look Wot You Dun'. Slade wrote the song titles in a so called wrong way. But it was 'Täyttä Totta' in Finnish, in quite correct Finnish language. 'I saw you and then…' heh, heh, 'You saw me..' heh. It would be a could start of a conversation 'I saw you and I…' heh, heh. Okay maybe not more about that…"



The Fleshtones (Ken Fox from Slade mailing list on the bass) at Tavastia Club, Helsinki winter 2004, an excellent concert review by the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

"Some bands perform in front of the audience and try to convince it artistically.

The Fleshtones performed to the audience, with it and also amongst the audience.

The quartet from New York has been together already 28 years but they didn't show any marks of tiredness on their visit to Finland. Their music gets its inspiration from surf, rhythm & blues and the raw party rock of the 60'ies, but on the gig its songs are closer to the classic 70's punk. Like Ramones this band's rock achieves the naive fun of the 60'ies without sounding like trying to copy the spirit of the foregone times.

The Fleshtones have been doing their jolly punkpop, or "super-rock" as the group itself calls it, for so long that their shows are totally their own reality. The band started fittingly with House of Rock, but the thema for the night was more like "House of Fun", as Peter Zaremba announced in the first place. Singer Zaremba, guitarist Keith Streng and bassist Ken Fox have got an endless amount of clumsy dancing motions that are an essential part of the comedial stage show. They parody the 60'ies beat groups.

The Fleshtones really did share the fun with the audience. Zaremba used almost half of his time amongs the audience, sometimes with the microphone, sometimes without it. He was dancing on the bar table, rushing in the hall and raised the atmosphere in the most possible physical way. Insetad of the rock posing he questioned his status as a rock star, and got of course enormous applauses by the audience.

Fox and Streng were a case of their own, whose wireless microphones made it possible to play anywhere. Sometimes they were running out of the hall to play in the bar, sometimes they were climbing up the stairs to the balcony. And all this happened without breaks - songs selected from the bands whole career followed each others in breathless tempo."   


Hi, Radio WOS listeners!

This is rockin' radio, the wall of sound. The music that rocks, the music that stops. The music that comes to you from everywhere. As listeners with music on the mind. I love that music, I love that sound. I love that record, I love that voice"

Having listened a bit Finnish radio this year I wonder which hits of radio wall of sound get air play in different countries?

During the last months I've heard the next songs on Finland's radio channels (mostly YleQ):

* Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me
* Kill 'Em At The Hot Club Tonite
* Cum On Feel The Noize
* Good Time Gals
* Far, Far Away
* Look Wot You Dun
* My Friend Stan
* Darling Be Home Soon, Keep On Rockin', Hear Me Callin', Get Down With It, Born To Be Wild (Alive!)
* Everyday
* Universe
* How Does It Feel
* Find Yourself A Rainbow
* The Bangin' Man

It has been nice to notice that quite a wide amount of different songs still get air play - not only 2-3 biggest hits as it is with many bands.

"Stay tuned to radio WOS, the wall of sound!"


"Blind dates" YleQ radio channel (Finland), Jake Nyman with Martti Servo (schlager comet in Finland 2003) as artist guest

Look Wot You Dun"
"Far Far Away"

JN: "Today's guest at YleQ's 'Blind dates' is Martti Servo. That was Slade and 'Far Far Away'. Didn't anything move inside you?"
MS: "Oh, yes! This is indeed a fine orchestra a











Finnish pop magazine Susoikki 14.04.2007: Slade - B-SIDES 2CD

"Joo tuskin kukaa tietää kyseistä bändiä.Se ei ehkä oo yhtä suosittu ku joku The beatless, tai joku Oasis. :D Mutta bändil on ikää 41 vuotta ja yhtyeestä löytyy monia menneitä soittajia. Ihan alkuperäisestä Sladesta tykkään, en nykyisestä. Nykyisessä laulaa The Sweetin entinen laulaja. Hirveä ääni. Onneksi tässä levyssä kuuluu vain entisen Noddy Holderin ääni. Soittamassaovat Dave Hill kitarassa, Don Powell rummuissa ja Jim Lea bassossa, tai pianossa, tai viulussa.

Tää levy on hyvä. EN oo enne kuullu ees kaikkia näitä biisejä.. se on hyvä, vaikka multa löytyykin 7 niitte levyy, ja poltetut mukaan laskettun 10 :D"





24th February 2008

 Rockradio (YLE Finland) playlist

Rockradio 27.2.2007 (YLE, Finland`s TV and Broadcasting company)

No 1. Dave Edmunds: Singing The Blues
No 2. Black Oak Arkansas: Jim Dandy
No 3. Pat Boone: Enter Sandman
No 4. Genesis: A Winter's Tale
No 5. Blues Section: Answer To Life
No 6. Wigwam: Nuclear Nightclub
No 7. Wigwam: Kite
No 8. Miljoonasade: Tie tiettömään (Far, Far Away - Slade) 
No 9. Muska: Sä oot pliisu (Skweeze Me, pleeze Me - Slade) 
No 10. Slade: Kill 'em At The Hot Club Tonite 
No 11. Slade: Wonderin' y
No 12. The Triffids: Bury Me Deep In Love
No 13. Band Of Horses: The Great Salt Lake

Toimittajana Tero Liete

Rockradio 24.1.2008 (YLE, Finland`s TV and Broadcasting company)

1.The Sonics: Money
2. The Clash : Lost In The Supermarket
3. Pelle Miljoona Unabomber: Rinkkakansa tulee
4. Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi (2007)
5. Elisa Korjus: Harvoin tarjolla
6. Slade : How Does It Feel?
7. Slade: Mama Weer All Crazee Now

8. Shelby Lynne : Anyone Who Had A Heart
9. Patti Smith: Everybody Wants To Rule The World
10. Kauko Röyhkä & Riku Mattila : Jäi jäljet
ja toivebiisi
11. David Bowie : Life On Mars?

Toimittajana Susanna Vainiola


Rockradio 23.1.2008

No 1. Kid Creole & the Coconuts: Annie, I`m not your daddy
No 2. Manu Chao: Politik Kills
No 3. DevendraBanhart: Shabop shalom
No 4. Jackson Browne: Stay
No 5. Slade: Skweeze me, pleeze me
No 6. Slade: Everyday
No 7. Miljoonasade: Tie tiettömään (Far, Far Away - Slade)

No 8. Raittinen, Eero & The Noisy Kinda Men: I`ll do better
No 9. Wigwam: Helsinki nights
No 10. 22-pistepirkko: Close
No 11. Daisy: Heartbeat
No 12. AC/DC: It`s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock`n`roll)

Toimittajana Tero Liete

K.O.R. - Ilpo


22th February


 Legs of Noddy Holder in platform boots, Helsingin Sanomat newspapers`s

"Nyt" ( NOW ) - week addition nr. 08/2008  on 22nd February 2008.
K.O.R. - Ilpo


David Krokett ry, "DDR-halli, Kekkosslovakia", November 2006:
"Olen kokenut rockherätyksen toisen kerran elämäni aikana. Eka kerta sattui 1970-luvun puolivälissä ja tämän toisen herätyksen aiheutti kaiken lisäksi sama asia mikä aiheutti sen ensimmäisenkin.

Kyseessä on brittiläinen rockbändi Slade. Olin tässä vuosikymmenten saatossa täysin unohtanut Sladen musiikin, mutta lokakuussa satuin ostamaan cd-kokoelman Sladen vanhoista hiteistä. Ja nyt sitten kolahti uudestaan ja lujaa. Auton soittimessa ei ole muuta soinutkaan moneen viikkoon ja kaikki kyydissäni olleet ovat tämän rockn´rollin pakkosyötön takia hyvin pitkälti hermoraunioina - kas kun Sladea pitää soittaa lujaa!

Mieleeni tuli nostalgisia muistoja Sladen iskevästä konsertista vuodelta 1974. Tapahtumapaikka oli Helsingin Kulttuuritalo ja minulla oli onni ja suuri ilo olla paikalla.
Bändi ei koskaan briljeerannut niinkään massiivisilla tai erikoisilla lavarakennelmilla, riitti kun estradilla soittajien takana oli kattoon asti ulottuvat ämyririvit joista volyymiä lähti enemmän kuin tarpeeksi - pääasiana oli kuitenkin musiikki.

Olin saanut konserttiin istumapaikan neljännelle riville, joka käytännössä tarkoitti sitä, että bändin setin alkaessa olin vellovan lauman mukana liukunut ekaan riviin seisomaan aivan lavan reunaan.
Kun rokki sitten räjähti soimaan, niin se äänivalli oli jotakin aivan ihmeellistä. Väittäisin että se aiheutti fiiliksen johon liittyi aivan karsean jäykistävä stondiskin.
Sladen laulaja/kitaristi Noddy Holder iski korkeakorkoisella saappaallaan alkutahdit ja ensimmäinen biisi Skweeze Me Pleeze Me täytti tajunnan, selkäytimen ja vasemman housunpuntin - tuntui että tukkakin lepatti sen äänivallin iskun voimasta.

Selvää mielikuvaa ei enää vuosien jälkeen ole konsertin biisien soittojärjestyksestä, mutta ainakin nämä kuultiin tuon ensimmäisenä mainitsemani lisäksi:
- Gudbuy To Jane
- Mama Weer All Crazee Now
- Move Over
- Bangin´Man
- Thank´s For The Memory
- Look Wot You Dun
- Lock Up Your Daughters
- My Friend Stan
- Cum on Feel The Noize
- Take Me Back´Ome
- Get Down And Get With It
- When The Lights Are Out 

Tuossa listassa ei sitten ole kirotusvireitä, vaan Sladen tietyt biisit kirjoitettiin just noin.

Mahtava kokemus tuo konsertti oli - koska sen vieläkin aika hyvin muistaa yli 30 vuotta tapahtuman jälkeen. Muistanpa senkin, että konsertin jälkeen oli koulussa hieman vaikeuksia, kun en viikkoon oikeastaan kuullut mitään. Noh, onneksi ei jäänyt pysyviä kuulovaurioita ja myöhempinä vuosina tajusinkin sitten konserteissa suojata korviani."

David Krokett forum