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SLADE at Belgium  


La Hulpe 22th September 2007





Martin( the president of the new DPFC )  wrote to us :


"Yesterday was it really fantastic, so you will also think about, when you will watch the pics.
The concert was still a little bit better as at Moyland. You could really see, that the guys had really fun, specially Dave Hill but also the other three.
The audience was enthusiasm too. In a tent you will feel the atmosphere better as in the open air.
There was many fans from the French speaking part of Belgium and the mood was grandiose.
After the gig we was also invited togehter with some other guest to the reception of the organizer ( Many thanks to Jean-Louis Watrice, Sekretary of the Lions Club La Hulpe )
There we got the chance to talk together with the bandmembers very calmly and we meet also other Sladefans.
At this opportunity became throught Don and me three persons new members of the Don Powell Fan Club ( DPFC). So it was Jean, Philippe and Sylvie. As you can also see on the pictures.
Don and Hanne expressed one`s thanks oncemore for the present, whitch they got through me and Uwe at Moyland and the son of Hanne, Andreas said thank you too for the modelcar of Mikka Häkkinen, he will give for the car a special place.
As soon as possible and the weather will be well, Don likes to test the new gardening tools ;-)) In case, that he got some problems with the garden so Jean and I would come to him and would help him with some tips :-)"
THANKS a lot to Martin



Martin & Don

The following message sent Philippe to the international Slade mailinglist: 
"Hello Slade Fans!
The band gave another excellent gig last Saturday in La Hulpe, Belgium, in a full tent (1,500+ fans) and it was a real pleasure for me to meet many friends again, also from the U.K., like Doug (Delticman on this forum), and Stu (whom I met for the first time).

I also had the opportunity to spend the Sunday with Don and his family and he asked me to make a small clip with my camera and to make it available to all his fans because it would be impossible for him to thank each of them individually, for the birthday presents and cards that he has received.

Don really wants his fans to know that they made him very happy. So this is for you:

Keep On Rockin'!!!!
Philippe "
































Philippe & Pasquale

Slade at Verviers at the "Spirit of 66"



28th October 2006



all pictures@ Jean-Luc Cruwels


THANKS a lot to Jean-Luc, that we can publish the pics here!


Visit the blog of Jean-Luc under:





Slade at Verviers at the "Spirit of 66"


Slade at Verviers at the "Spirit of 66"

KORTRIJK 5th November 2003 


more pictures >>> here

AARSCHOT 2003-08-02


Pictures copyright@ Jena Voortmans & Martin Kitz




pictures copyright@ Ilpo Bister, Helsinki


Slade on Belgian Golden years DVD



Slade II appears on Belgian DVD The Golden Years volume 5. This collection has been made from a big oldie festival The Golden Years hold in Antwerp every year.

Slade II was at the Golden Years festival in December 2004 playing a mini-set that has now been put on the DVD: Mama Weer All Crazee Now, Coz I Luv you, Cum On Feel The Noize, My Oh My and Merry Xmas Everybody.


Slade is back !

Vous vous souvenez évidemment de Slade, un groupe des années 70, une bande de prolos juchés sur des "platform boots" qui balançaient en haut des charts de ces morceaux qui vous secouaient ! Le groupe est toujours vivant même si la formation a perdu Nolly Holder, l’homme aux rouflaquettes et le bassiste-violoniste-pianiste Jimmy Lea.


Slade était rangé dans la catégorie glam-rock. Sans pour autant verser dans l’androgynie à la David "Ziggy" Bowie, dans les paillettes à la Marc Bolan (T Rex). Slade, c’était du bon rock – comme Suzy Quatro ! – servi par 4 lascars faubouriens au look délibérément kitsch.

L’origine du groupe remonte à la fondation en 1964 à Wolverhampton par Dave Hill (guitariste) et Don Powell (batteur) d’une petite formation rock du nom de "The Vendors" puis de "N’Betweens". Le groupe auquel s’était joint Noddy Holder et Jimmy Lea se changera en "Ambrose Slade" en 1966 pour laisser tomber le "Ambrose" en 1969.

Le groupe a connu un énorme succès en Angleterre où il a enchaîné les tubes. Le premier de la série fut "Get Down and Get With It" en 1971. On se souvient de ces morceaux à l’orthographe approximative "Coz I Luv You", "Mama Weer All Crazee Now", "Cum On Feel The Noize", "Gudbuy T’Jane". Aux singles (45 t) succèderont les albums comme le fantastique "Slade Alive" (1972). Slade y reprenait le mythique "Born To Be Wild" des Steppenwolf (le morceau original illustrait le film "Easy Rider) et le "Hear Me Calling" de Ten Years After" (le groupe d’Alvin Lee, le guitariste le plus rapide du monde !). Pas gênés pour un sou, ils ont même écrits un véritable tube de Noël, "Merry Xmas Everybody" ! 13 de leurs chansons furent classés dans le top 10 européen dans les années 70.

Amazing Slade

Holder et Lea ont quitté le groupe et celui-ci a connu passage à vide. Mais, depuis la fin des années 90, nostalgie oblige, le groupe a multiplié les apparitions avec un nouveau chanteur-guitariste, Steve Whalley, et un nouveau bassiste, Dave Glover (bassiste).

Whalley a été remplacé depuis juin 2005 par Malcolm Mc Nutty, un ex-chanteur du groupe Sweet, autre groupe remuant des années 70. Et c’est John Berry qui a succédé à Glover; Berry n’est autre qu’un ex-bassiste de... Mud !

Slade en Belgique

Slade se produira le 10 septembre 2005 à 20h à la La Hulpe (sous chapiteau de 2.500 places).




2000 Kiss My Jazz "Cum On Feel The Noize"


In March 2000 Kiss My Jazz did a last appearance by their contribution to the "Glittering 2000" project, on which belgian bands covered songs from the glamrock era, with a version of Slade's "Cum on Feel the Noize".