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It's a crime Slade never slayed America

Why did Quiet Riot's cover of Cum on Feel the Noize succeed in the US, while the original didn't ?

 Joe Queenan investigates

The New York Times obituary for the recently deceased Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of the 80s glam-metal band Quiet Riot, took pains to stress that the ensemble, arguably the first to achieve massive heavy metal success, did not always get the credit it deserved. This may be because they were not that heavy and not all that glamorous; after all, their riot was quiet.

Bellyaching about Quiet Riot's never getting the credit they deserve is somewhat ironic, given that the band's breakthrough hit, Cum on Feel the Noize, was a cover of a song released 10 years earlier by the British glam-rock band Slade, the mother of all bands that never got the credit they deserved. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 100 in the entire universe of bands that never got the credit they deserved, Quiet Riot is a 22 and Slade is a 97.

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18th December

Wolverhampton Civic Hall set for big birthday bash


The past 70 years have seen stars including the Rolling Stones, Slade, Gracie Fields, Nat King Cole, George Best and Take That appear at the venue.


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 IC BIRMINGHAM 03.10.2007

Town Hall is the pride of Brum - and it belongs to the people

Since its opening in 1834, Birmingham Town Hall has belonged to the people in a way that no other great buildings locally can equal.

Sited on the red sandstone ridge that runs above the Bull Ring, when it was finished it was a stunning architectural proclamation by the people of our town about how we saw ourselves.

Designed to look a classical temple from Ancient Rome, it called out that Birmingham was a city state worthy of comparison with the greatest city state of antiquity. And it shouted out that though an industrial town, Birmingham was a place that had an affinity with art and culture.

Elsewhere, town councils and municipal officers meet in Town Halls, but not in Birmingham. Our Town Hall does not belong to the corporation - instead, it is the great meeting place of the people.

In 1831 Brum had a population of almost 150,000 and was acknowledged as one of the leading towns of the nation - yet it had neither a council nor a major public building. By the end of that decade it had both. The idea of the Town Hall arose because of the Triennial Music Festivals.
Work started in 1832 and the Town Hall was opened on September 19, 1834, although it was not finished properly until 1849.
It opened its doors not only for renowned classical composers such as Mendelssohn and Elgar, but also for jazzmen like Buddy Rich and pop groups like Slade.

It was a place where school speech days were held, and it was the hustings at which you could listen to national politicians like Neville Chamberlain, hark to the words of writers of the stature of Charles Dickens, and be thrilled by the power of the campaigning singer Paul Robeson.

The most democratic and egalitarian of buildings can once again become the city`s great public meeting place.

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25th August 2007

We`ve got a message today from Bat.

He wrote to us :

 "Bat from Lancaster,Pa in America, home of the Amish and the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.  The first time I saw Slade was I guess '73 or '74 in Philadelphia at the Spectrum where the Philadelphia Flyers NHL ice hockey team used to play. They were the headline with Jo Jo Gunne and Brownsville Station("smoking in the boys room").  I also saw Slade in '75 at the Spectrum. Black Sabbath was the headline with Slade and Status Quo.  I was very high both times and had the greatest of times.  Those were my happiest days. Those Slade concerts and a Led Zeppelin concert at the Spectrum were my favourite concerts of all. Sorry, I have no photos.  And I love your Slade website.  

Peace and Love, Bat"

THANKS a lot to Bat !!! K.O.R. Cool


Alice Cooper: The Spectrum, Philadelphia

Ron Ross, Phonograph Record, April 1973

....... First they are not Slade or any of the other almost there groups that Alice could have put over the top with this tour, and second, they are as fluently eclectic a band as any English group going. ........

I found also an other comment about this gig at the Spectrum at Philadelphia:




27th July

1. "How Does It Feel" is playing at the start of a new series "The Visit" on BBC3.
"The Visit is set entirely in the visiting room of a prison. Stray sheep, dodgy drug deals and snatched conjugal rights are common occurrences, as the inmates of HMP Radford Hill are reunited with loved ones and dodgy business associates."
2. Noddy Holder guested "Grumpy Old Men" on BBC Prime
Sundays 10:30am

A selection of grumpy, middle-aged, male celebrities whinge about their pet hates, while political correctness goes by the wayside. Narrated by Geoffrey Palmer. This week's subjects include holidays and the joys of the new football season."

3. BBC Suffolk, Mersea's Music Bash festival on Mersea Island on 14th July 2007
"On an island with Slade

Talking festivals, Mersea's Music Bash on Saturday 14 July looks set to be its biggest yet. The event at the picturesque Waldergraves Holiday Park on Mersea Island is being headlined by the mighty Slade.



The festival's being opened by my good friend Liz Mullen and over the course of the afternoon and evening there's music for most tastes all pulled together by Steve Travis, a well known figure on the region's country scene.

This year's event is raising much needed funds for the Little Havens Children's Hospice based in Thundersley in Essex. Among the items in the prize draw is a Fender guitar signed by Slade's Dave Hill, who along with drummer Don Powell is keeping Slade alive.

It's been a real thrill MCing Slade's annual Christmas gigs in Ipswich and believe me they put on a superb show. Any band would miss a front man of the calibre of Noddy Holder but current singer Mal McNulty is a more than capable replacement who has never failed to impress me when I've seen the modern day Slade.

They still rock like crazy and in Dave Hill have one of the most underrated guitarists in the business."

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 SLADE records at "Hippie Shake Records"

at Helsinki 25.06.2007






10:30 - 07 June 2007

A borough youth centre which was once used by hit glam rock band Slade for their practice sessions has reopened.

St Giles Youth Centre has once more reopened its doors five years after it was forced to close due to lack of funds.A fully-fledged recording studio is just one of the attractions at the refurbished Walsall Street centre.

The youth centre dates back to 1896 and was originally opened as a gym for young men.

It was forced to close in 2002 due to lack of cash.

But now Walsall Council has taken over funding the centre, which boasts a recording studio as well as access to football and tennis facilities.

There is also an art room, IT suite and kitchen for cookery classes.

Bob Travis, head teacher at St Giles School, said during the 1950s and 60s the centre was a vibrant venue for music and was used by Slade during the 1960s.

"Slade used to practice at the youth centre in the 1960s," said Mr Travis.

"It had a reputation as a music venue."

Councillor Zahid Ali, cabinet member for children's services, said: "I am absolutely delighted to see the youth centre reopened.

"We have worked with passion to reinstate the facilities which will be of great value to the young people of Willenhall.

"I would like to see in our out-of-school youth clubs more activities which are educational and skills-orientated and will discuss with the council officers for future implementation.

The centre will be open from 2pm to 9.15pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 6pm to 9pm for girls only on Wednesdays and on Fridays from 5pm until 9.15pm.

  • Walsall has one of the best recording studios in the midlands though - Mad Hat Studios, all you have to do is ask acts who have already used it some reasonable local musical illuninaries such as Magnum, Jim Lea ( Slade), Robert Plant.


    20th April

    Show Slade Your Best Glam Style!

    Dress up like 70`s glam band Slade for a chance at fame and prizes!

    Shout! Factory

    Campaign Title: Show Slade Your Best Glam Style!

     Description: Slade is the chart-topping U.K. 70`s glam rock band with outrageous style. Their out-of-this-world costumes were always a hit. They`re still living as large as ever with a new Slade compilation of of lesser-known rarities, "In For A Penny: Raves & Faves."

    Now it`s your turn to dress up in 70`s Glam like the members of Slade for fun & a chance to win cool prizes!

    Dress up like Slade—the funkier, the better, take a photo, and enter. It`s just that simple!

    Four Ways to Win! The Shout! Factory team is going to pick their favs for first and second…and you also get the chance to pick your favorite entries for first and second place too!
    - First Place: Two lucky winners will score a framed limited print of album art; one copy of each of the two Slade CDs on Shout! Factory; and, a copy of the "Slade In Flame" DVD.
    - Second Place: Two winners will grab a copy of the "In For A Penny: Raves & Faves" CD; and, a copy of the "Get Your Boots On: The Best of Slade" CD.

    *All four winners and two honorable mentions will be showcased on the Shout! Factory site.

    Duration: April 17, 2007 12:00 AM (PST) - May 17, 2007 11:30 PM (PST)

    Legal Notice: No purchase necessary. Open to anyone who has access to the Internet, is 14 or older at the time of entry and must be a resident of the continental United States. Campaign ends on May 17, 2007.

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    BBC - 6 Music, Liz Kershaw: MUSIC DVD PICK - SLADE IN FLAME

    A classic rock n` roll tale in which Slade play a band called Flame. It was made at the height of Slade`s powers in 1974, although it`s set in the mid-60s. The story is one that`s been told before – band struggling for success, band get signed by a dodgy manager, they make it big, then it all falls apart. But the thing that distinguishes this film is, really, the period detail. The 60s backdrop of a depressed Northern town, the bingo halls where they have to play, blokes keeping pigeons, the factory chimneys. And you also get a sense of how the record industry was run at the time, but a few rich, upper crust guys – from a very different level of society from the bands themselves - who saw these bands as their playthings. And all getting mixed up with some dodgy underworld characters as well.

    There are also some very funny moments – which Noddy insists actually happened – like the classic Spinal Tap moment, where he gets locked inside a coffin while he`s on stage. Some fans may be disappointed that it doesn`t include any of the Slade classic hits, apart from Far Far Away. But it`s being sold online for a tenner, so it`s definitely worth having in your collection.


    1st April

    The 5-Minute Interview: Noddy Holder 


    The 5-Minute Interview: Noddy Holder, Musician
    Independent 31 March 2007, Elisa Bray

    I don`t walk around in platform shoes shouting it`s Christmas!
    Noddy Holder, 60, was lead singer and guitarist in the rock band Slade. `Nobody`s Fool` and `B-Sides` have been reissued on Salvo Records. `Slade In Flame` is released as a deluxe edition DVD on Monday.

    EB: If I weren`t talking to you right now I`d be ...
    NH: Packing because I`m scheduled for a couple of days to go to Paris. I`ve got a couple of meetings because I`m doing consultancy work for a mate who`s writing a movie about Paris. I spent a lot of time there in the Seventies and Eighties.

    EB:A phrase I use far too often is ...
    NH: "Keep on rocking". It`s left over from the Slade days.

    EB: The most surprising thing that ever happened to me was ...
    NH: That I was given the part in the
    live 40th anniversary episode of Coronation Street. I was the first to have a cameo role. It hadn`t been broadcast live for 40 years. It was very nerve-wracking.
    EB: In a nutshell, my philosophy is this:
    NH: Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Whatever goes around comes around.

    The whole 5 minutes with Nod:

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    Noddy Holder guesting Loose Ends, BBC Radio 4 24.03.2007 

     Noddy Holder guesting Loose Ends, BBC Radio 4 Saturday 24 March 2007
    Saturday 24 March 2007 18:15-19:00
    Patrick Kielty is presenting this week`s Loose Ends. This week`s guests:

    Noddy Holder, iconic frontman of Glam Rock band "Slade". On 2nd April Salvo Records release the DVD of their film, "Slade In Flame" originally shown in November 1974


    Cum on feel the Noize! Back to the 70s! BBC Radio Manchester 14.03.2007

    BBC Radio Manchester Features 14.03.2007

    Cum on feel the Noize! Back to the 70s

    BBC Radio Manchester is travelling back in time to 1973 in aid of Comic Relief. Inspired by BBC One`s time-travelling detective drama Life on Mars, the station will reflect the culture of 1973 throughout Red Nose Day on Friday 16th March.

    It was a time when Slade`s Cum On Feel The Noize was top of the hit parade, heavyweight boxer Henry Cooper urged Brut-wearing men to "splash it all over" and the fashions were out of this world.

    BBC Radio Manchester presenters dig out their platforms, flares and wide lapels as they dress up in 70s garb for the day. Programmes will be featured on the Big Screen in Manchester`s Exchange Square, so listeners can take a look at the garish colours donned by their favourite presenters.

    With hits from the 70s played throughout the day, news and sport bulletins will also recapture the flavour of the era.

    9am - 12 noon: Eamonn O`Neal
    Slade frontman Noddy Holder joins Eamonn O`Neal to talk about his memories of 1973. “That year was phenomenal for us,” says Noddy. “It was mayhem everywhere we went. Slade had three number one records just in that year.” Of course the group was also known for its fashion: “We were one of the trailblazers for the outfits which people wore - love them or hate them!”
    During the morning, Eamonn O`Neal relives his summer of 1973 working for Manchester-based Gerard`s ice-cream. Eamonn heads off on his ice-cream round serving from a Gerard`s ice-cream van in Hulme.

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    20th March

    Slade In Flame - The Citizen Kane of rock movies  

    BBC Four Sunday 18.03.2007 Cinema Show Rock & Roll Camera

    Sunday, BBC Four 19.00; Cinema Show "Rock & Roll camera ", entertaining look at British rock movies, in which Mark Kermode describes Flame as "the Citizen Kane of rock movies".........well worth a look ......and Nod's in it! 

    K.O.R. - Ilpo

    16th March


    Music Week award to USM Slade back catalogue campaign

    Union Square Music and their label Salvo won on 15th March 2007 Music Week'`s Award for Catalogue Marketing Campaign of the Year held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London for their superb Slade re-mastered back Catalogue

    Congratulations to USM and Salvo for the award and the great work they have done with the unforgattable classic tunes by Jim, Don, Nod & Dave, Slade!

    K.O.R. - Ilpo


    Working-class heroes

    There’s more to Slade than thigh-high boots and rubbish spelling, says Tim Cooper - they made British music what it is today

    Back in the predigital, predownload early 1970s, there was a strict protocol for music appreciation.

    You either liked “album bands”, in which case you would wear an Afghan coat and enthuse about drum solos; or you liked “singles bands”, in which case you were an idiot. A group such as Slade — four working-class lads from Wolverhampton belting out rowdy, beer-soaked rock anthems — were never going to find credibility with the music snobs of the time. Their chart-topping, syntax-challenging singles doomed them to be reviled along with their fellow kings of the charts: T Rex, Sweet, Mud.

    With hindsight, Slade’s main crime seems to have been that they were clearly having fun — anathema to the serious music fan, who liked his musicians (and he was invariably a “he”) to hunch earnestly over banks of keyboards or double-necked guitars, not dance around in platform boots and glitter. Yet it was Slade, not Yes or ELP, who clocked up four No 1 albums in a row, Slade who branched out into film with the mock rockumentary Flame (1974), and Slade whose legacy has endured beyond that of their prog-rock peers.

    Now, with an extensive reissue campaign and the DVD release of Slade in Flame, the band are ripe for reappraisal. Perhaps they will get the credit they deserve: this, after all, is the group whose influence can be heard in everyone from Oasis to Kasabian. And listening to their albums reveals a much wider range than their hit singles suggest. “We loved singles, but we didn’t think of ourselves as a singles band,” Slade’s perennially jovial singer, Noddy Holder, reflects over a cup of earl grey in a Manchester hotel. “Chas [Chandler, the band’s manager and producer] modelled our career on the Beatles. We knew the importance of albums, but we also knew that we were the kings of the four-minute song. We wanted to do what the Beatles and the Stones had done, with hit singles and albums.”

    At the age of 60, Holder looks not so much like a former pop idol as a ruddy-faced farmer. Today, only the flamboyant silk scarf beneath his hound’s-tooth overcoat and a new facial-hair configuration — a Van Dyck-style ’tache-and-beardlet combo — betray an artistic bent. Holder (vocals and guitar), Dave Hill (lead guitar), Jim Lea (bass and violin) and Don Powell (drums) were spotted by Chandler, the former bass player of the Animals, who had moved into management with Jimi Hendrix. Despite a formidable live reputation, forged in the Black Country’s clubs, Slade’s first two albums flopped, so action was needed.

     Read the whole report under:

    We wanted to do what the Beatles and the Stones had done, with hit singles and albums.”


     mp3: Highest rated artists in hard rock/metal, downloads 01.04.2007
    Highest Rated Artists in Hard Rock/Metal, Artists Score

    1 Slade 9.09
    2 Iron Maiden 9.04
    3 Lynyrd Skynyrd 9.02
    4 Motörhead 8.93
    5 Black Sabbath 8.91
    6 The Stooges 8.90
    7 T. Rex 8.86
    8 AC/DC 8.85
    9 Def Leppard 8.84
    10 ZZ Top 8.83

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    1st March


    The Slade Story
    Two 30 min podcasts (one hour listening time in total), Presented by BBC Radio 2’s Stuart Maconie

    The Slade Story tells the definitive history of one of the greatest rock bands in music. This two-part hour-long podcast is a rare opportunity to hear all four members of Slade tell the life story of a band that’s become legendary. Presented by rock music writer, BBC Radio 2 broadcaster and cultural historian Stuart Maconie, the podcast tracks Slade from their humble origins through to superstars and much-loved rock icons – with no stones left unturned. Noddy, Jim, Dave and Don tell The Slade Story in two 30-minute programmes. Podcast Price: £2.99 each or £4.99 for both. CD Format £4.99+P&P.
    Produced by Smooth Operations
    Podcast 01 (30 mins)
    Slade were just four lads from the West Midlands who fancied being in a band, but when they formed that band the course of music history was changed forever. With their stackheel boots, outrageous dress sense and speaker-blowing rock, they set the trend for the fashion-conscious glam bands of the Seventies to follow. Noddy, Jim, Dave and Don recount the highs and lows of success from their early days as Ambrose Slade to their meeting with legendary manager Chas Chandler and their first hit single. Then the hits started piling up, they were regulars on Top of the Pops and Slade became chart-topping superstars in the UK. That didn’t happen by accident: the lads explain how they put together their distinctive image, their sound and their inimitable live act and they reveal the inspiration behind their early hits.
    The songs include: Banging Man, Dirty Joker, See Us Here, Coz I Luv You, Mama Weer All Crazee Now, Gudbye T'Jane and Cum On Feel The Noize.
    Podcast 02 (30 mins)
    The name Slade will forever conjure up the opening bars of their most enduring hit Merry Xmas Everybody, a festive evergreen that’s already clocked up three decades and is almost part of Christmas nowadays. Noddy, Jim, Dave and Don remember how they wrote that song and how they went from being stars in the UK to stars around the world. Not many bands can do all this, but Slade conquered America, released an iconic rock film, took hard rock festival Reading by storm and staged amazing chart comebacks in the early 1980s and 1990s before finally succumbing to a punishing and relentless touring schedule. In their wake Slade have left behind some of the best-loved songs of the Seventies, a reputation as one of the greatest live acts ever and a truly astonishing record of chart success.
    The songs include: Merry Xmas Everybody, We'll Bring The House Down, Everyday, How Does It Feel, My Oh My, Run Run Away, Radio Wall Of Sound.


    26th February


    Make way for Noddy

    Guardian Unlimited, Sunday February 18, 2007
    The Observer

    Make way for Noddy

    Slade and Mud are exhumed for the umpteenth time, while Black Dog make a virtue out of muzak

    Max factor

    Is this where it all began? Rock You Sinners! (Rev-Ola) is an introduction to those British acts of the Fifties who paved the way for Cliff Richard: Tommy Steele, Tony Crombie and - wait for it - Max Bygraves; plus the Goons, which is where John Lennon nicked his shtick.

    Meanwhile, forget the Beatles vs the Stones or Oasis vs Blur: where do you stand on Slade vs Mud? Decide with the re-appearance of the Slade in Flames soundtrack and a double-disc of Slade B-sides (Salvo) and Mud: Off the Rak - Singles 1975-79 (Cherry Red).,,2012792,00.html#article_continue


    Instinctive tribute to Slade`s shining genius

    Chicken Yoghurt blog, John Harris

    In musical terms, I had a peculiar summer: centred around four long interviews with the ex-members of Slade, the raw material for a feature in Mojo magazine.

    One-time guitarist and glam titan Dave Hill was like a one-man sub-plot in Saxondale; bassist and co-songwriter Jim Lea had required 20 years of therapy to get over the compromises involved in vast success but seemed to now be OK; and drummer Don Powell had moved to Denmark. Noddy Holder, meanwhile, met me at a London hotel and gave me three enlightening hours, which peaked with his explanation of their career-defining 1973 hit Merry Xmas Everybody. It was no work of yuletide hackery, he insisted; rather, it was intended to raise the country`s spirits in the midst of industrial meltdown, power outages and Ted Heath.

    A week later, I pulled up at a set of Hereford traffic lights with Slade`s Greatest Hits on the car stereo, which duly reached the song whose chronic familiarity had long since bred indifference . But not this time: suddenly, I was about six years old, the 1970s were in full grim effect, and - even though it was mid-August - it was Christmas. “Look to the future now, it`s only just begun,” advised Noddy. And, in instinctive tribute to Slade`s shining genius, I actually - no, really - shed a tear.

    Chicken Yoghurt is the feudal seigneury of Brighton-based writer, Justin McKeating. He is the curator of the book The Blog Digest 2007 - a collection of some of the very best writing by some of the UK`s very best bloggers.

    K.O.R. - Ilpo



    22th February


    Rudolf Breiteneicher sandte uns folgende Nachricht:

    "in japan sind auch alle slade alben ,nochmal als cd veröffentlicht worden ,aber als MINI cds.
    die sehen super aus,alle original vor und rückseiten covers wurden verwendet ,sogar auf der cd selber wurde noch das original LP label gedruckt.die verpackung ist  so groß wie die cd,sieht also aus wie eine original lp nur im miniformat.bonustracks sind auch mit drauf ,aber zum unterschied von den unionsquare cdŽs ,sind diese vom mastertape.alle cds sind 24 bit digital remastert und haben eine super spitzen soundqualität.besser als von den unionsquare cds.
    bei SLADE ON STAGE ist sogar als bonus ,die ALIVE AT READING als extra cd dabei mit original hülle und nochmal um die hälfte kleiner als die normale cd.bei  WHATEVER HAPPENED ist das original text heft als miniausgabe dabei.also diese cds sind echt ihr geld wert und schöne sammler stücke."


    20th February

     Slade seem to enjoy the Russian winter, since they will have two concerts in Russia`s biggest cities in February again:

    - 23.02.2007 Moscow Apelsin Club

    - 24.02.2007 St. Petersburg new Ice Palace arena

    The first weekend Slade played in Denmark, the second one in Norway and the third weekend in Russia.

    Scott Matthews about Midland`s finest

    "Slade are really overlooked, some of their album tracks are fantastic."

    Scott`s coming home,
    IC Birmingham 26th January 2007 by Lee Kenny, Birmingham Mail

    Scott Matthews is proud to hail from Wolverhampton and next Tuesday he returns to his hometown to play in front of a packed Wulfrun Hall. He last played in Wolverhampton to celebrate the release of his debut album Passing Stranger. Before that it was to compete in the Battle of the Bands.
    As well as raising his profile, the attention Matthews has generated has thrown the spotlight back on the region.

    "Led Zeppelin, the biggest rock band in the world, are from the Midlands," he says. "Slade are really overlooked, some of their album tracks are fantastic. And you`ve got Ozzy and Black Sabbath.

    "The Midlands is under-rated. I hate the idea that you have to be in London to get anywhere."

    K.O.R. - Ilpo


    Sue Wilkinson - You've Got To Be A Hustler
    with Don Powell on the drums
    my friend stan
    Thanks for the links to Wendy Evans :-)


    HOGMANY is playing My Friend Stan of Slade