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Rudi Breiteneicher

SLADE promotor from Germany

sent to us his private pictures from his time together with SLADE

THANKS a lot to Rudi

all pictures copyright@ Rudi Breiteneicher

Rudi Breiteneicher from Bavaria and the guitar from Dave Hill :-)

Dave Hill and Don Powell backstage before the  gig at Nürnberg  1st. April 1996.


After the show " FORMEL 1 " to promote  MY OH MY.

Oldie Festival Dortmund Germany ,December 1992 -

Dave and Rudi backstage before an interview will start

Dave Hill, Germany 1994, short before he will go  on stage

Dave with his guitar in the tour-bus *** German tour1995

Don and Rudi in a dicothek after the gig

Don and Rudi after the loreley oldie festival ,at the hotel

Don in a talk with Rudi and Wilfried (huge slade fan and good friend of slade)

Don at the soundcheck

Don Powell on the drums

soundcheck at the tv show,playing "HOT LUV"


Don is very tired, a coffe should help him for weck up

Don in the morning,at the German tour 1995

Don Powell at the oldie festival open air Oberhausen,backstage

Don at soundcheck in Düsseldorf,oldie festival 1994

Wilfried and Rudi in a talk with Don backstage -

 Oldie Festival Dortmund 1992

Slade 1994 at the tourbus, here with  Steve Makin ( infront )

1993 at the hotel - Don and Graig  Fenny (he was short time in Slade)

TV show Köln 1995 - Don and Steve backstage -  playing "hot luv"

Don and Trevor backstage