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Noddy Holder  at Komedia, Brighton

7 June 2012

Noddy Holder interview in Brighton, Komedia theater 7.6.2012

Noddy Holder at The Space, Brighton 7.6.2012

The Latest, UK 8.6.2012:


"Quite how The Space keeps getting these incredible guests from the creative industries is a marvel unto itself. Continuing their pattern of one industry behind-the-scenes big wig paired with a front-of-house big name, last night opened with the sanitised but still delightful anecdotes of Muppets producer Martin Baker to open proceedings. Filling up the second half of the evening was the larger than life Slade frontman Noddy Holder, a massive draw with the crowd and with no such qualms about cleaning up his stories, yet still delivering everything with that upbeat mode his flamboyant rock band were so known for. An incredible evening for many (including one man who confided he’d been after Holder’s autograph for 40 years), long may The Space continue."


The Latest, Brighton 8.6.2012 The Space