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Noddy Holder, Staduim Dublin 1973
Neville John Holder born 15th June 1946
          Walsall, West Midlands, England
                       vocals/guitar  - till 21th February 1992


Für fünf britische Pfund spielte 1963 Neville Holder mit seiner Band "The Rockin' Phantoms" in Jugendklubs und auf Hochzeiten Material von Chuck Berry und Little Richard sowie Elvis Presley . 1964 änderte die Band den Namen in "The Memphis Cut-Outs". Eine Sechs-Monats-Lehre in einem Autoteilehandel verschaffte Noddy Holder schließlich das nötige Kleingeld für eine elektrische Höfner Gitarre und einen Watkins Dominator Verstärker. Im Spätherbst 1964 bekamen die "Memphis Cut-Outs" Besuch von einem gewissen Steve Brett, der mit seiner Gruppe "The Mavericks" schon ein TV Gastspiel gegeben hatte. Brett war auf der Suche nach neuen Instrumentalisten und Neville Holder und seine Mannen sagten nur zu gern "Ja". Zusammen spielten sie ein umfangreiches Schnulzenrepertoire und veröffentlichten immerhin drei Singles für das Columbia Label.




 Best of the region at Express &Star Spotlight awards
( report, pictures and video )

The cream of the Black Country’s entertainment industry was honoured at the Express & Star’s star-packed Spotlight Awards.
The Civic Hall was transformed and a red carpet rolled out for guests at last night’s glittering event, which honour the best pubs, clubs, bars, tourist attractions and entertainment venues.



Noddy get a kiss, he is writing his signature for SLADE fan Piotr from Poland, who is living now at UK.

Great Picture !!!


Black Country legend Noddy Holder MBE made a special appearance and presented the award for Best Large Concert Venue to the Civic Hall, where he recalled performing with Slade 50 years ago.

“I knew I was back home in the Black Country today when I stopped off to buy a newspaper and the staff at the petrol station recognised my accent,” he declared to delighted fans.

The former Slade frontman was there to officially become the first name on the Civic Hall’s Wall of Fame– unveiled to celebrate the venue’s 70th anniversary this year. The wall takes the form of a motorway sign and will be on the Civic’s stage for the rest of the year while bands perform.

 Read the whole reportand watch the video under:


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Noddy will be appearing at the Wolves Civic 4th May 2008

to accept a plaque for the Wolves Civic Hall 70th Anniversary Wall Of Fame.


So here it is - Noddy is star guest

Music legend Noddy Holder has been announced as the star guest of this year’s Express & Star Spotlight Awards.

Thanks to Gary Jordan






























Noddy Holder page at Contactmusic


Noddy Holder in the Rock`n`Reel magazine interview by Rocker 23.04.2007



From the TV land October 2005: Noddy Holder M.B.E. (Member of British Empire, Sir Noddington, The very great Noddy Holder,...) will be hosting again yet another TV show, when he will replace late Tommy Vance (who was also a great Slade fan and radio dj) in Dumber and Dumberest show.

Daily Mirror newspaper on the web, Nicola Methven And Polly Hudson:

"MAMA, weer all crazee now - but probably not as deranged as Mr Noddy Holder, who has somehow managed to land himself the role of hosting Five`s hilarious home video series...

He tells us: I have absolutely no idea why a man of my sophistication and refinement should be asked to host a show called Dumber and Dumberest.

The Slade singer replaces the late Tommy Vance for the new run, which revels in human stupidity, and kicks off on October 19. Enjoy!"




Noddy Holder interview in Sunday Mercury on 10th December 2006


Nod's Fish & Chip commercial
a funny clip at YouTube

When all cousins dating Noddy

Your recent nostalgic features on Slade revived memories of my own local super heroes. I can hardly believe it has been 30 odd years since I was an aspiring Noddy Holder, bawling into the mirror with my imaginary mike and my Dad shouting to turn the music down. My school mates and I were big Slade fans and it was amazing how many of them had aunties and cousins and second cousins all going out with Noddy at the same time.

In 1973 I managed to get two tickets in the front row at the Civic Hall to see them live.

I remember leaving the concert covered in glitter, feeling thoroughly entertained and stone deaf for about two days. I can never forget Jim playing the violin, Dave prancing around in a silver lame suit, Don thrashing the hell out of his drums and Noddy’s rasping voice belting out hit after hit.

His iconic mirrored top hat and platform boots aren’t easy to forget either.

Slade were a brilliant live band. Pure rock and roll, no nonsense no miming and very loud.

I believe Slade were the loudest band in the world at the time and Noddy knew how to work the crowd.

I thought Jim and Noddy were very underrated as writers. Between them they penned some memorable songs and six Number Ones. It’s not bad going in my book.

My musical tastes have matured slightly over the years, nevertheless Noddy, Jim, Dave and Don, I salute you. Thanks for some great memories and also for giving Wolverhampton national and international recognition to boot.

The 70s were a great decade. Slade were top of the pile and Wolves were not a bad football team either.

Heady days indeed.

Will Morgan, Webb Street, Willenhall.


Noddy reveals Osbourne shooting incident
Friday, September 15 2006, 12:29 BST - by Susanna Regan

Noddy Holder has revealed that he once witnessed Sharon Osbourne fire a shotgun at her husband.

During an appearance on The Sharon Osbourne Show, the Slade frontman recalled an evening when he had been out drinking with Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy some time during the 80s and returned home late with him to face Sharon`s wrath.

According to The Mirror, Holder recounted: "Ozzy was frightened to go home. He said, "You`ve got to come home with me `cos Sharon`s going to kill me`."

As the pair entered the driveway of the Osbournes` North London home, they received a less than warm welcome.

The star continued: "Sharon came out with a shotgun and let it off and it went into the side of the car!"

Osbourne commented wryly: "Those were the days."


Noddy on a record

Noddy Holder will be singing on record again. Misty`s Big Adventure asked Noddy to do a voice over their new single Fashion Parade and to their big delight Noddy agreed to do it.

"Noddy Holder`s hotel room and other stories

Thanks to everyone who came to see us over the last few months. We`re finally having a slight break from touring to rehearse and record our next album which is going to be called `Funny Times`. We will be playing a few festivals however, so as not to forget how to play.

We have also just recorded our next single `Fashion Parade`. It`s all about a band that buys a load of post-punk records, rips them off and then makes a ton of money. It needed someone to do a voice over on it, and we decided to try and get Noddy from Slade. For Noddy from Slade is very cool!

We also asked former Newsnight presenter and Radio 2 DJ Jeremy Vine to do it - well in for a penny...

Amazingly, the Vinester agreed and we trundled down to Broadcasting house and recorded him in one take. Proper proffessional. I suppose that`s why he`s got the job at Radio 2 eh.

No sooner had we done this when all of a sudden we got an email from Noddy. He said it was a "great track", agreed with the sentiment of the song and he was on board! And a few days later we were nervously standing outside his hotel room with a microphone. And he turned out to be a very nice man. He did as many takes as we wanted, signed my copy of `Slayed` (the one where they`ve all written SLADE on their fingers and thumbs!) and briefly chatted about his good friends Ozzy and Sharon.

We then returned to Birmingham in a blaze of glory, also known as Grandmaster Gareth`s family car.

`Fashion Parade` is coming out in October and we`ll also be doing a tour to coincide, with lots of new songs, old songs and some new magic tricks.

And our fight against the bland age will be stepping up a gear.

The yuppie didn`t die. We all became yuppies.

But we prefer guppies for without the little fish, where would we all be?

Have a happy June,

The Mistys Internet Weevils"

Misty`s Big Adventure
„h Fashion Parade single
„h Funny Times album out in October 2006

Band members:
- Grandmaster Gareth - boss, vocals, anything and everything, 7 o`clock shadow
- Hannah Baines - trumpet, vocals, (real) boss. .
- Lucy Bassett - keyboards, jayne fonda. .
- Lucy Baines - saxophone, vocals, finger puppet queen. .
- Sam Minnear - drums, percussion, small man-big heart. .
- Matt Jones - bass, german-speaking, nurse. .
- John - guitar, legs, party marsupial, forgettable last name. .
- Erotic Volvo - the soul, the vibe, the nicest monster in pop. .
- Sid - supersub, super guy..
- The PRS Foundation - Their generous donation, thank you.
- Mark Locke - herculean video director

Thanks for the news to GaryJordanBrum !

K.O.R. - Ilpo


Razor cut voice on Virgin Radio 

The Voice, Noddy Holder, will be in the air on Sunday 27th November 2005 on Virgin Radio`s Razor Cuts program:


" Dust down your mirrored top hat, put down your cup-a-soup and get rockin` as NODDY HOLDER of 70s legends SLADE joins Pete to celebrate the release of The Very Best Of Slade. Noddy will be looking back at his musical life; the stories, the bad spelling and the songs!

Razor Cuts with Pete Mitchell, 8-10pm every Sunday night, is full of some of the best music you`ve ever heard; from the Stones to The Strokes, the Pistols to Primal Scream and The Fall to Franz Ferdinand. Plus, every week a special guest picks their favourite tracks - Razor Cuts is required listening every Sunday night."

- Ilpo

Ben impresses in live TV test

"KEEP on rockin'!" was the message for young Ben Rogers as he sung his heart out as glamrock legend Noddy Holder in the live final of Stars in Their Eyes: Kids.
The Banbury youngster made it through to the final of the ITV talent show after winning his heat. He was up against eight other young stars including soundalikes of Bonnie Tyler, Kylie Minogue, Joss Stone and wartime entertainer George Formby, the eventual winner.

At just ten years old, Ben was considerably younger than all but one of his rivals, but you would have been hard-pressed to tell from his scintillating performance, singing Cum On Feel The Noize.

Ben said: "It was really good fun and a great experience. I was really proud to get into the final and it meant a lot to me to be able to perform again.

"I never thought I would, so I just really wanted to go for it and give it my best shot. It felt a bit weird singing live on TV for the first time. I thought I was going to do something wrong, and the others were all really good which made me very nervous."

Another cause for concern for Ben was the six-inch platform heels he had to don for the occasion, imitating the outrageous garb sported by the former Slade frontman.

He said: "The clothes were fantastic. The shoes were very funny, but it was a bit difficult to walk on stage and up the ramps. I was a little bit scared of falling over and during rehearsals I nearly did!"

Although disappointed not to win, Ben said he planned to carry on singing now he had developed a taste for it, and added he had gained something of a cult following at his school, St Leonard's Primary in Banbury.
Ben also thanked all the people of Banbury who had supported and voted for him. He said: "My friends all thought it was fantastic and said they wouldn't have been able to do it."

There was a big surprise for Ben when he received a personally recorded message from Noddy, as well as a large signed print showing the rock legend wearing the same, distinctive mirrored top hat as Ben sported on Saturday.

Noddy's advice to him was simple – "keep on rockin'!"

Ben's mum Wendy added: "That really was the icing on the cake. Also, Noddy's wife and son were in the audience to see him perform, and they said Noddy was sat at home watching the show on TV which was lovely.

"I wasn't as anxious as I had been the first time.

"During his heat I had been scared to death he wouldn't come out of the door, but he came out and sang and we really couldn't have asked any more of him. He was fabulous.

"For someone his age who has never done any more than just singing along to the radio around the house before, to go out there on stage and do what he did without being even remotely fazed was unbelievable.
"He does Noddy to a tee."
23 March 2006


Noddy Holder will be on Virgin Radio`s Razor Cuts on Sunday 27th November 2005:

"Dust down your mirrored top hat, put down your cup-a-soup and get rockin' as NODDY HOLDER of 70s legends SLADE joins Pete to celebrate the release of The Very Best Of Slade. Noddy will be looking back at his musical life; the stories, the bad spelling and the songs!

Razor Cuts with Pete Mitchell, 8-10pm every Sunday night, is full of some of the best music you've ever heard; from the Stones to The Strokes, the Pistols to Primal Scream and The Fall to Franz Ferdinand. Plus, every week a special guest picks their favourite tracks - Razor Cuts is required listening every Sunday night.


Noddy Holder interview in Sunday Mail Nov 2005

Noddy Holder interview in Sunday Mail (UK) 20th November 2005:

Noddy Holder on Slade`s Christmas classic
Interview: Billy Sloan

When Noddy Holder of Slade sat down to write a song to cheer up fans over the festive season he had no idea it would turn out to be the best Christmas present he ever had.

The track - Merry Xmas Everybody - hit No.1 in 1973 and became an instant festive classic.

"It`s like winning the Lottery every December 25 for the rest of your life,"

joked Noddy.

The whole interview:


BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2005 Gallery


Noddy Holder: "Its good here, innit?".


"My Mams going to be so jealous I got to snog Noddy Holder"

The irrepressible Noddy Holder.

"No, it cant be… yes it is!" part five. Noddy Holder telling us about the "liquid gold" that was the "Best Original Song".



Pictures of Noddy 29th September 2005 from Ross Halfin:

“Nearly October and the weather's nice, still sunny and warm. Off to meet Geoff Barton and Debbie Bennett (Gary Bushell's ex-fiance, we all have our sins) to shoot Noddy Holder - a dvd is coming out on Slade. Shoot over lunch at the Landmark Hotel. Strange, when I was younger I never enjoyed this type of photo shoot, but enjoyed shooting reportage of Noddy.

Jimmy Page told me to tell him this story. Jimmy had gone to the NEC in Birmingham with Robert Plant to see Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. People in the crowd kept coming up and asking if they were reforming for Christmas shows. Jimmy noticed he was being ignored and Robert was getting pestered all night. 'What's going on?' 'They think I'm Noddy fucking Holder,' said an indignant Plant. 'Noddy said 'Yes, I'm always being asked if I'm Robert!'

Kazuyo looks at my Noddy photos. 'He's so handsome - not like the usual perverts you hang out with.' Remember Kazuyo also thinks Shane



14 October 2005
Nicola Methven And Polly Hudson
MAMA, weer all crazee now - but probably not as deranged as Mr Noddy Holder, who has somehow managed to land himself the role of hosting Five's hilarious home video series...

He tells us: "I have absolutely no idea why a man of my sophistication and refinement should be asked to host a show called Dumber and Dumberest."

The Slade singer replaces the late Tommy Vance for the new run, which revels in human stupidity, and kicks off on October 19. Enjoy!



Noddy Holder interview in Birmingham Mail Nov 2005

Glam rock royalty influenced by Beatles
25.11.2005 By Graham Young, Birmingham Mail

YOU might recall Slade as a crashbang glam rock band belting out hits like Cum On Feel The Noize.
But listen to the new CD,The Very Best of Slade, and you`ll hear a strong Beatles` theme sandwiching their peak years.

Frontman Noddy Holder readily acknowledges the Fab Four`s influence.

"I haven`t heard a lot of these songs for 20 or 30 years myself because you don`t sit at home playing your own stuff," says the gravel-throated singer.

"But we grew up with The Beatles and I`ve recently heard a lot of soul in there as well as being a massive R&B fan!"

What he denies though, is that 1981 hit Lock up Your Daughters bears any intended resemblance to Whitesnake`s Fool For Your Loving, a bigger hit 18 months previously.

"I`ve never thought that!" he says, expressing considerable surprise.

The double CD, and accompanying DVD featuring rare footage of some of their earliest performances, are being released on Monday to mark next year`s 40th anniversary of Slade forming.

"This is the first time all of our chart singles have been on one package," says Noddy. "But don`t forget we also made 20 albums and four live ones - there`s a hell of a lot of product out there."

Noddy has a special reverence for Merry Xmas Everybody and smiles when I suggest Tony Christie`s new swing version could top the charts this year and perhaps earn him a new motor!

"It`s got to be in the frame for No1 and that`ll be the icing on the cake," he beams.

"Don`t forget we never went to live abroad and under the 70s Labour government we were paying 83 per cent tax which was really cruel and totally unfair.

"We paid our dues, not smilingly though, I must admit and I think we`ll have paid for a lot more than a Harrier jump jet - maybe the Ark Royal!"

Noddy wrote the lyrics `So won`t you buy me a rocking chair to watch the world go by` when they first developed the Merry Xmas melody in the 1960s.

Although holding on to the song and then rewriting the lyrics created pop history, he still hasn`t got the chair despite knowing he turns 60 next June.

"I`ve heard a rough mix of Tony`s version and thought it worked," he says.

"But then I once heard a French band giving it a Parisian theme with accordions and the chord progression meant that worked, too, it`s that type of song."

Noddy`s favourite Slade song is actually Far Far Away, written on the banks of the Mississippi.

But any thoughts to releasing it as a charity single for the victims of the New Orleans` flood were abandoned because Vodaphone had already committed it for an advertising campaign and Noddy thought the two would conflict.

Similarly, he does not want to give up his new world of TV shows like Channel 5`s Dumber and Dumberest, ads like Nobby`s Nuts and his fortnightly Thursday night TV critic`s role on Mark Radcliffe`s Radio 2 show in favour of going back on the road.

"Dave Hill and Don Powell still play as Slade 2 and that`s fine," says Noddy. "But if I rejoined a six week project would end up as two years playing everywhere from the US to Japan and recording a new album!"

Most of his 70s` clothes have been given away to charity, but his famous mirrored hat is so personally valuable it`s locked away in a bank vault.
"I`ve no idea what it`s worth or what might happen to it when I`m gone, that would be up to my family.

"But I suppose I`d quite like to see it in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London."


Noddy feels your Noize


AS the lead singer of legendary glam rock band Slade, Noddy Holder toured the world, partied hard with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and had No1 hits with classic songs including Cum On Feel The Noize, Skweeze Me Pleeze Me and Merry Xmas Everybody.

And since leaving the group 13 years ago the 1970s icon has been just as busy, with a schedule that includes acting, presenting, DJing and having men chase after him in a cult new late night advert for Nobby's Nuts.

In this exclusive webchat, Noddy, 58, answered your questions on those wild nights out, swapping stories with Prince Charles and revealed who he'd really like to nibble his nuts.

The Walsall-born star also confirmed that the original Slade line-up of him, Dave Hill, Jimmy Lea and Don Powell will never play together again - although assured fans that there will be future DVD and CD releases from the band.

Please feel free and read the whole interview ( Noddy answered in the SUN of questions from fans) here:,,7-2005202301,,00.html  

Sun Online
WE are giving you a fantastic opportunity to talk to Slade legend Noddy Holder.


The 70’s rocker, most famous for No 1 hits such as Merry Xmas Everybody, Coz I Luv You, Take Me Back Ome and Skweeze Me Pleeze Me, is taking time out of his hectic schedule to answer your questions next week.

The Slade hero is now the face of Nobby’s Nuts - a hilarious advertising campaign for a new range of 'man' snacks that are released this month.

So if you want to ask Noddy a question email it to

Please mark your emails NODDY and don't forget to include your name and where you are from.


Noddy Holder Reviews Doctor Who! 

By Christian Cawley

Apr 23, 2005 | 2.40 pm

Thursday evenings edition of the Mark Radcliffe radio show featured regular guest ex-Slade singer (now a successsful radio presenter) Noddy Holder with his regular tv review. This week, Noddy focussed on the new series of Doctor Who.

The item opened with the "unmistakeable, one of the great tv theme tunes I think" - in Mark Radcliffes words - before Noddy confessed to not often seeing the show in the past due to gigging. Noddy believes the new show is a great family experience, a show that can be watched while eating. Noddy and Mark both agreed that Billie Pipers performances have been good (having achieved a transformation from teenybopper and "celebrity wifelet"!), however for Noddy Holder, coming to the show as he says "as a new viewer", the let down is the shows star, Christopher Eccleston!

Basically, Noddy Holder is not comfortable with Eccleston doing funny lines; while he is happy to admit to his quality as an actor, Holder simply does not find the Doctor "quirky" enough. This is a point with which Radcliffe agrees, suggesting that the Doctor is not quirky enough, that he is "just too cool and a bit ordinary", and that his grinning is slightly that of "a village idiot". Following a clip from Rose, they then discussed Ecclestons departure - to which Noddy Holder wondered whether this was due to the actor having seen his own performances...

Mark Radcliffe mentioned that he found Aliens of London slightly cliche-ridden, ("Roswell"-style crash landing, examining the pig-alien on a mortuary slab etc.) although they both agreed that the tone was much lighter than the previous week. The overall opinion however was that the show is of course aimed at children, that the episodes are enjoyable and entertainment for all the family.

While eloquently discussed and containing well formed opinions, the matters raised in Thursday evenings show raise several interesting points for the first time in the mainstream media regarding Ecclestons portayal (having been discussed at length in various places online).


Noddy Holder is on PepsiCo`s £5 million Nobby`s Nuts TV ad in April 2005 starting on 16th April and going for 4 weeks.

The ad will also feature a newly recorded version of Slade`s 1976 hit Nobody`s Fool.

  Still crazee about the music
(Filed: 17/11/2005)

Former Slade singer Noddy Holder talks to Neil McCormick about those mis-spelt song titles - and the moment when he fell in love with pop

You might not think there is much dignity in a grown man being known to one and all as Noddy, but then Neville Holder has never given the impression of caring about social decorum or coolness.
 "Slade were never cool," he declares of his much loved, multi-million selling band. "We were four blokes from Wolverhampton, it didn't even enter our heads that we could be cool.

"I'll tell you what sums it up for me: we used to get invited to all the showbiz dos and most of the stars would wait for the red carpet and make the grand entrance. But we never arrived late and we never left early, because we'd get all the free booze and free food and more of it. We just thought, 'We're a rock and roll band, we've made the big time, we're going to make the most of it."

Holder and his cohorts were the clown princes of the '70s British music scene, somehow counterbalancing the outrageousness of their appearance with a salt-of-the-earth everyman quality, performing singalong pop with the blockbusting thump of hard rock.

Read the whol interview here:


Tim Ingham  ****  Interview with Noddy Holder - Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Noddy Holder was the lead singer of Slade until 1991, when he left to pursue an acting career. He co-wrote all of the band's material, clocking up a massive 17 UK top 20 hits from 1971 to 1976 - six of them No.1s, including Cum On Feel The Noize and Merry Xmas Everybody. He can now be seen in the 'hilarious' Nobby's Nuts TV adverts.

Besides advertising bar snacks, what else are you up to?
I'm doing all sorts of stuff. Since I left Slade in the early 1990s, I've done a bit of acting, including three series of The Grimleys and Peter Kay's Max And Paddy's Road To Nowhere. I've also had my own radio show in Manchester for the last 15 years, as well as co-presenting Mark Radcliffe's show on Radio 2 every Thursday.

Why are people so surprised when they hear just how successful Slade were?
People don't remember how many hits we had - they only seem to remember the early 1970s Cum On Feel The Noize era. We had 30 hit singles over a period of more than 20 years. We had our first hit in 1971 and we had our last hit, Radio Wall Of Sound, in 1991. If you asked someone to name some of our 1980s hits, they wouldn't be able to - even though we had No.1s across Europe. A lot of bands, like the Sex Pistols, get rated on one album - we released 20.

Who has been Slade's coolest fan?
One of the most unexpected ones was Kurt Cobain. I was told in the US that he was a massive fan of the band and that he came to one of our gigs there when he was a kid. Noel Gallagher did a cover of Cum On Feel The Noize and he has said nice things about us. You don't realise it when you're playing but if you're well known, you stand to influence the young bands of the future. It's a great compliment when you do.

What did you make of US hairspray rockers Quiet Riot's 1983 cover of Cum On Feel The Noize?
I'm not going to knock it - it made me a lot of money. Their version got to No.1 in the US and they did a successful cover of Mama Weer All Crazee Now too. Our version didn't get anywhere near No.1 over there but it came out before its time. When we released it in the early 1970s, it was too heavy for mainstream American FM radio stations - they were playing things like James Taylor and Carly Simon. Ten years later, Quiet Riot did exactly the same version - with the Wolverhampton accent and everything - and got on MTV.

How does acting compare to being on the road?
I was in Slade for 25 years with the same line-up and I was in a band fo