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2nd March 2007


Today we`ve got the following message from the management of the band MAGNUM:


"Yes it is true that Jim Lea is playing guest violin on the new

Magnum album 'Princess Alice and The Broken Arrow'



the track he is playing on is called

'You'll Never Sleep'  "


Magnum website


Thanks very much to Annie





Following message we`ve got from Rudolf Schubert from Germany:


"War gestern beim Magnum Konzert in Hannover. War super! Nachmittags hat die Band auch noch eine Autogrammstunde in einem Hannoveraner Plattenladen gegeben. Dort war ich auch und bei der Gelegenheit habe ich den Gitarristen Tony Clarkin nach der Verbindung zu Jim Lea gefragt. Er teilte mir mit, dass Jimmy sein Album gerade fertigstellte, als Magnum ihr neues Album letztes Jahr aufgenommen hatten. Die Zusammenarbeit war so eine Art beiderseitiges Entgegenkommen. Tony unterstützte Jimmy mit Background-Gesang und Gitarrenparts für dessen Album und Jimmy übernahm dafür den Violinenpart bei You'll Never Sleep auf Magnums neuem Album. Beide Album wurden in den Mad Hat Studios in der Nähe von Wolverhampton aufgenommen."
Rudolf was yesterday at a MAGNUM concert at Hannover. For him was it super ! In the afternoon the band gave an autographsession in a recordshop at Hannover. Rudolf was there and had a talk with Magnum`s guitarist Tony Clarkin and asked him about the connection to Jim Lea. He informed him, that Jim Lea completed his new album in the same time, when Magnum recorded the new album. The teamwork is a kind of mutual agreement. So supported Tony Jimmy with background-singing and guitarparts for his album and Jimmy toke on the violinepart in the song  "You'll Never Sleep " for Magnums new album. Both record album was recorded at the Mad Hat Studios near to Wolverhampton.
THANKS a lot to Rudolf for this very interesting message  and the following
sign autographcard of Magnum and the entry ticket !!!

Bob Catley of Magnum about Jim Lea`s visit on Magnum`s new album

Fireworks melodic rock magazine June 2007:

The latest issue of Fireworks, Melodic Rock magazine has a long interview with Bob Catley of Magnum about their great new album. In the interview Bob is asked how Jimmy Lea
came to guest on the album.

Bob - We`ve known Jimmy a long time, he was in the studio next door mixing a live album or something. Anyway, the kitchen inbetween the studios is the meeting place and he was in there, and Tony had written this song `You`ll Never Sleep` with a keyboard line on there that was kind of a string sound, a pizzicato thing. He said to Jimmy, ``Do you fancy playing that bit on your violin?`` and Jim said ``Hang On, I have`nt played violin for ages`` - but Tony talked him into it. So he got his violin out of the attic and came in and did it really quickly - he was just in the right place at the right time really. He`s a nice bloke, as are all the blokes in Slade - it`s just a pity that we won`t be doing that one on stage because we could get him up to play it, could`nt we ?

The magazine also contains excellent reviews of the B sides, Flame and Nobodys Fools reissues.

K.O.R. - Ilpo

Bilder von der Autogrammstunde mit Magnum sandte uns Rudolf, Danke dafuer !