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Hi Ho Silver Lining"   Originally by Jeff Beck



The Jeff Beck Group were an English rock band formed in London in January 1967 by former Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck. Their innovative approach to heavy sounding blues and R&B was a major influence on popular music.


The first Jeff Beck Group formed in London in early 1967 and included guitarist Jeff Beck, vocalist Rod Stewart, rhythm guitarist Ronnie Wood, with bass players and drummers changing regularly. Early bass players were Jet Harris and Dave Ambrose, with Clem Cattini and Viv Prince trying out on drums. The lineup went through months of personnel changes, notably no less than four drummers before settling on Aynsley Dunbar and switching Ron Wood to bass. This line up spent most of 1967 playing the UK club circuit and appeared several times on BBC Radio. Beck signed a personal management contract with record producer and manager Mickie Most who had no interest in the group, only Beck as a solo artist.

During 1967 the band released three singles in Europe and two in the United States, the first being the most successful. "Hi Ho Silver Lining" reached #14 on the UK singles chart and included the instrumental "Beck's Bolero" (1966) as the B side, which was actually recorded several months prior to the A side. The lineup for that session included guitarist Jimmy Page on rhythm guitar, bass player John Paul Jones, drummer Keith Moon (of The Who) and pianist Nicky Hopkins. Another two tracks are said to have been recorded, but have never seen the light of day. Each artist involved were keen to start a band, but because of contractual complications and other responsibilities it never took place. The next two singles fared far worse, although Rod Stewart and the rest of the Jeff Beck Group can be heard on both B sides. Frustrated that the band was not playing a strict enough blues set for his taste (they were actually billed quite often as "The Jeff Beck Blues Band"), drummer Dunbar left and was replaced by Roy Cook for one show, before Stewart recommended Micky Waller, a bandmate of his from Steampacket. Waller went on to play with the band all through 1968 and early 1969, and was their longest-lasting drummer.




File:Jeff beck group.jpg  WIKIPEDIA

The Jeff Beck Group in 1967. Front: Jeff Beck.
Rear (from left): Aynsley Dunbar, Rod Stewart, Ron Wood.

(Scott English / Larry Weiss)

Jeff Beck

Also recorded by:
Black Lace; Hello.

You're everywhere and nowhere, baby,
that's where you're at
Going down the bumpy hillside in your hippie hat
Flying across the country and getting fat
Saying everything is groovy
when your tires are flat

And it's hi-ho silver lining
anywhere you go now, baby
I see your sun is shining but I will make a fuss
Though it's obvious

Flies are in your pea soup, baby
they're waving at me
Anything you want is yours now,
only nothing's for free
Life's a-gonna get you someday,
just wait and see
So put up your beach umbrella
while you're watching TV

And it's hi-ho silver lining
anywhere you go, well, baby
I see your sun is shining but I will make a fuss
Though it's obvious