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*** Samstag 6.3.2010 Germany, Suhl, Congress Centrum Suhl: Lange Suhler Oldienacht ***


Pictures copyright @ Volker Rosenau


Thanks a lot to Volker for the nice pictures !



Volker wrote to us:


"Just come from suhl. what's new. as the first middle of the road appeared, agree lorna bannon good and nice hookup. mud2 were second with well-known songs, then, middle and high point, slade. half in the song "jane" had dave repleace his guitar and so no dave was there. it something new but not necessarily better.john sang the song everyday, very nice. don, as always, be working hard on his drums and at times the hair of mal becomes always longer. hanne was also there as travel companion.


fourth were sailor, they made the classic rock night once more gently with nice show. it was sweet as the last of the series, this time without the founding member andy scott, because he was ill. a young man entered, with long hair were accustomed to the bottom and much more action than we put out by this. the sound of his guitar was rocking, his name I unfortunately do not know. the audience, well I guess no more than 1000, but judge from the first row, where I am always bad.


this was now my 37th slade-gig. My endeavor is so, until next year, where slade is celebrating next year 45 years stage anniversary, that I could also counting my 45th experience slade-gig, so I have still much before. here is a small selection of pictures, slade in suhl. I do not think that will be published many pictures, since there were no photographers, I havn`t seen."