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March 2013


Noddy Holder interview in the Ripon Gazette 30.03.2013

"Exclusive - Noddy Holder on Slade

Interview by Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers

( For the full version of this interview, get the Harrogate Advertiser)


It’s every Slade fans’ dream come true. Just Noddy Holder, a man not known for giving in-depth interviews, answering any question you like in the intimate setting of Harrogate Theatre.


The much-loved lead singer of the biggest 70s glam rock band will be on stage with only interviewer Mark Radcliffe of BBC6 Music fame for protection.


If the former Slade frontman’s converation with me is anything to go by, the stories will flow thick and fast when the pair of them come to Harrogate Theatre in May.


Who knew, for example, that all your favourite punk bands were actually listening to Slade as they led their foul-mouthed assault on the musical establishment in 1976-77?


"The Damned and the Stranglers and even a couple of the Pistols would come back stage at our London shows," this likeable national treasure tells me.


"Of course, they couldn’t admit that in public at the time. They had to pretend to hate all the ‘old’ bands."


The ultra-chatty 66-year-old from Walsall hasn’t played with his bandmates Jim Lea, Dave Hill and Don Powell since he left the band in 1992.


But the interest in Slade hasn’t faded a bit since then, fuelled by the regular rappearance in the charts of their biggest hit, Merry Xmas Everybody.


It’s partly the enduring affection for the band and their ex-frontman, in particular, which explains why the normally reluctant Noddy is hitting the road - that and Mark Radcliffe.


Despite the over-the-top image, the platform shoes and massive sideburns in their heyday, there was always a more serious side to Slade - and that side was the music itself.


Outside of The Rolling Stones and U2, there’s not many rock bands who have managed to score hit singles in the UK on a regular basis for 20 years, as Slade did between 1971 and 1991.


A return to the band’s early 70s hard rock roots revived their career and extended their hit-making days well beyond the glam rock era

that spawned them into the 80s.


"When I left the band in 1992 we’d been together in the same line-up for 25 years. It had gotten stale and I was getting offers of work from TV and radio. It had become a treadmill.


"I tried my best to make it amicable but I don’t think they understood it at the time."


Noddy Holder in Conversation with Mark Radcliffe takes place at Harrogate Theatre on Sunday, May 19.

For tickets, telephone 01423 502116 or visit "


Slade in Russia 2011

Don's diary: Slade concerts in Minehead 16.3. and St. Petersburg 19.3.2013



Don's week 15.-21.3.2013 on his website:


"Why Slade are for life, not just for Christmas"
12.3.2013 Sabotage Times/Lauren Bravo:
"Yes, Bowie's back, but Slade never went away...


You’re forgiven, by the way, if when you saw the word Slade your brain automatically screeched “It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiissttm-“ before you smothered it with a hypothetical pillow. After all, to paraphrase the gospel of Mark, Slade have pretty much won Christmas. Those first few chords of Merry Xmas Everybody are the tolling bell that heralds the festive season, like a siren call to your mirth muscles.


But I’m here today to ask that you all reconsider. For starters, it’s March. We couldn’t be further from Christmas (unless it were January, or indeed February) and yet I thoroughly believe Slade deserve a place on your playlist. Put on Coz I Luv You right now, stomp along the pavement and things will feel at least 30 per cent better. They are pure, joyful noise.

They had 17 consecutive top 20 hits, 12 of which were top five hits between 1971 and 1974. Six were number ones. Yet Slade don’t get their fair dues these days. Probably because they looked like the grizzly offcuts of glam rock, with their mutton chops and mum-cut fringes and general air of sticky back plastic and pub peanuts; the salt of the earth to Bowie’s curious, queenly Space Oddity.


Except they had a violinist, for cripes’ sake. Even their kooky spelling feels like a descendant of Molesworth rather than the guilty ancestor of everyone who ever had a Bebo.


If I get married I will have Everyday at my wedding. Of course, I fell in love with Slade during the 70s revival around the turn of the millennium. Abba were rife, I was doused in Charlie Silver, and happiness was a BBC2 nostalgia countdown with talking heads from Stuart Maconie.


All hail Slade. The Fiat Seicento of music – and I mean that in the best possible way."


Ilovaari-rock festival, Joensuu, Finland 12.07.2013



Friday 12.7.2013:

- 18:00 Tupajumi

- 19:45 Huojuva Lato

- 20:30 Pelle Miljoona United

- 21:45 Eija Lyytinen

- 23:00 Slade


Don's Q & A



Lots of questions and answers from Don 9th March 2013 on Don's Official website:


"Let there be drums" session, "Play It Loud", "The Bog Rock" drum sounds, "Bibble Brick", 25th Anniversary gig...


Thanks a lot to Don and Dave Kemp !


"Noddy Holder is coming to town..."


"Noddy Holder in Conversation with Mark Radcliffe

Genuine National Treasure, Godfather of Glam and thinking grandmother’s crumpet Noddy Holder looks back over a lifetime of towering achievements."


Harrogate Theatre 19.5.2013


"Cum on feel the noize, at the Palace Theatre"



"GODFATHER of glam and thinking grandmother’s crumpet Noddy Holder MBE will be coming to Redditch.


The rocker, best know for fronting one of the most recognisable acts of the glam rock movement Slade, will be hosting an evening at the Palace Theatre with BBC radio star Mark Radcliffe.


During the night he will be re-living the heady days of the pop-tastic 70s and 80s, endless world tours during his 30 years with the band, Christmas anthems, thespian triumphs, and much more.


Speaking to Ben Russell about how the idea came about he said: “The pub of course.


“The whole idea really came from my good friend Mark. We’d be sitting in the local and I’d tell him a story and he would say he’d never heard that one before.


“He would then say that other people really should hear these - so that’s exactly what is happening.


Noddy said: “I’ve always been out on the road touring with Slade or doing other shows and speaking jobs but nothing like this.


“That is why I’m really looking forward to it. I like challenging myself and doing something different so this is ideal, it’s going to be very exciting.

An Evening With Noddy Holder In Conversation With Mark Radcliffe is on at the Palace Theatre on May 17.


For tickets, expected to sell quickly, call the box office on 01527 65203 or visit"


Slade, Pelle Miljoona ja Erja Lyytinen Ilovaarirockiin


Yle (Finland's Broadcasting Company) news 8.3.2013:

"Ilovaarirock uudistuu. Tapahtuman pääpaino on ollut 60-luvun musiikissa, mutta toimivia 60-luvun bändejä on sen verran vähän, että ohjelmistoa oli uudistettava, sanoo Arto Pippuri. Slade on herättänyt runsaasti kiinnostusta, Erja Lyytisen mukanaoloa Ilovaarirockissa voidaan perustella blues-musiikin iällä.
Slade rokkaa Ilovaarirockissa 12.7.2013.
Kuva: Slade

Mistä on kyse?

  • Ilovaarirock uudistuu, ei enää 60-luvun musiikkia
  • Slade, Pelle Miljoona, Erja Lyytinen, Veli-Matti Järvenpää ja Huojuva Lato
  • Liput pääosin netin kautta

Ilovaarirock on järjestetty Joensuun Ilosaaressa vuodesta 1996, eli ensimmäinen Ilovaarirock näki päivänvalon, kun Ilosaarirock täytti 25 vuotta. Tapahtuman järjestää Grand old Rockers, yhtenä pääpuurtajista toimii Arto Pippuri. Tänä vuonna Ilovaarirock järjestetään heinäkuun 12. Nyt hypätään rohkeasti 70- ja 80-luvulle sanoo Pippuri:


- Slade on voimissaan. Siinä on kaksi ihan alkuperäisjäsentä ja tuo nykyinenkin kokoonpano on ollut kasassa jo parikymmentä vuotta. Hyvässä kunnossa ovat, kun jokaiselle soittajalle pitää esiintymislavalle varata 30 sentin koroke, johon voivat nousta kesken soiton, eli jalka nousee kyllä.

60-luvun bändejä alkaa olla vaikea löytää

- Arto Pippuri

- Pelle Miljoona ja Tumppi Varonen tulevat kokoonpanolla United, moottoritie lienee kuuma Ilosaaressa.

- Erja Lyytinen on mielenkiintoinen veto. Erjallahan ei ikä riittäisi millään Ilovaarirockiin, mutta Lyytisen esittämällä musiikilla, bluesilla on kyllä ikää ihan riittävästi!"


Wild, wild party-Slade fan fest at Walsall 22.6.2013



Slade fan meeting at The Lyndon House Hotel, Walsall 22.6.2013, a day after Slade's gig at Robin 2, Bilston 21.6.2013.


Slyde are playing the Slade Wild Wild Party at The Lyndon House Hotel in Walsall on the 22nd of June.


Slade: Slade in Flame review in Uljas


Uljas, East Finland's student newspaper 25.02.2013 Pertti Pulkkanen:


"Sladen viimeinen suurmenestys
Vuonna 1975 ilmestynyttä pitkäsoittoa Slade in Flame voi pitää lukuisia singlehittejä tehtailleen ja myös varsin tasokkaita pitkäsoittoja työstäneen Slade-yhtyeen viimeisenä suurmenestyksenä 70-luvun tuotannostaan. Samalla kyseessä on soundtrack samannimiseen elokuvaan ja eräs Sladen diskografian kiistattomista merkkipaaluista Slade Aliven, Slayedin ja onnistuneella tavalla erilaisen Play It Loudin tavoin.


Pitkäsoiton hitit, Far Far Away sekä How Does It Feel edustavat yhtyettä sofistikoituneemmillaan ja erityisesti jälkimmäinen myös koskettavimmillaan. Them Kinda Monkeys Can’t Swing ei kitarointinsa raakuudessa jää kauaksi MC5:sta. So Far So Good on astetta nyanssikkaampi, sisältää erinomaisen kertosäkeen ja soolot sekä moitteettoman kokonaistoteutuksen. Kappaleessa oli toisin sanoen kiistatonta hittiainesta. OK Yesterday Was Yesterday edustaa vielä Sladen jyräävämpää peruslinjaa, mutta vihjaa tekstissään muutoksia olevan odotettavissa. Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here) on balladivoittoisempi jo aiheensa ansiosta. This Girl tarjoaa hienoisia diskorytmejä, Lay It Down esimerkillisen rockraidan ja Heaven Knows rauhoittaa tunnelmaa jälleen hieman ennen Standing on the Cornerin erinomaista loppurytistystä, johon puhaltimet tuovat erinomaisen lisänsä. Noddy Holder tulkitsee kiitettävällä intensiteetillä, kuten hänen tyyliinsä kuului ja valtaosa pitkäsoiton kappaleista edustaa liki pitäen Sladea tasokkaimmillaan.


In Flamella tyylillisen muutoksen tuulet puhalsivat jo jossakin määrin, mutta todelliset leijonankyntensä tuotantonsa monipuolisuudessa Slade näytti vasta seuraavalla pitkäsoitollaan, ensisijaisesti Amerikan markkinoille suunnatulla albumilla Nobody’s Fools, jonka huippuhetkiin lukeutuvat esimerkiksi tanakasti rokkaava Scratch My Back sekä nöyrän koskettava nimiraita Nobody’s Fool."


Mods (Nods ?) make a return to the Town Hall


Falkirk Herald 28.02.2013:Musician David Bateman will perform as part of From The Jam.

Musician David Bateman will perform as part of From The Jam.

"Falkirk Town Hall might look like a scene from Brighton beach in the 1960s as Mods from across the district descend there to re-live the iconic scene.


Two retro nights have been set up at the venue where scooters and trendy vintage clothing will be in abundance breathing in an air of halcyon days for those still into the music and Mod culture.


While he’s kept his sideburns, grown out of his appreciation for Noddy Holder’s ‘Slade’, his fashion sense has changed slightly since he became a dad five weeks ago to daughter Sadie.


He added: “I used to wear cravats and stuff, but I don’t really wear the clothes as much now after becoming a dad. I do have a nice pair of blue suede shoes for From The Jam gig though.”


For more information or to book tickets for either event call The Steeple Box Office on (01324) 506850.